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When you are turning to the right: When you are turning to the right:

  • A. Give three seconds' warning

  • B. Give two seconds' warning

  • C. Only signal if there are other cars behind or ahead of you

    The correct answer is A
    This gives cars following you enough time to react.

Procedure for making a right-hand turn on the road

Before you turn right first check your mirror. If there's someone close behind you (i.e. tailgating) then braking hard increases the risk they will run into you or will have to take evasive action. Signal for at least three seconds while you position your vehicle towards the middle of the road (still staying to the left of the centre line, though).

If you have to change lanes remember to check your blind spot over your right shoulder. Before you turn right you need to give way to vehicles coming towards you straight through or coming towards you and turning left.

If you are turning into a driveway from a busy road with fast traffic, pay attention to what is behind you. If you are on a rural lane and you have a line of cars behind you, sometimes it's better to pull to the left first to let them past, then make your right turn when it's safe.

As you approach the turn, if there are vehicles coming towards you, try to adjust your speed so that you arrive where you need to turn still carrying some speed. This will make your turn across the road quicker, and therefore leave you exposed to danger for a shorter period of time.

The last thing to do before you turn is a quick check sideways over your right shoulder just in case someone is trying to pass you.