Forklift Refresher Training (Australia)

The perfect solution for refreshing forklift operator knowledge in order to meet health and safety obligations

This course is perfect for training and retraining your forklift operators between high-risk work licence renewals to meet your workplace health and safety requirements. Use this course to ensure your operators are up-to-date with best-practice forklift operation. It will improve efficiency and reduce the risk of damage to equipment and freight. It's also an excellent way of testing a forklift operator that's come to you from another company.

How does it work?

  • Operators can do the theory modules online on a computer or smartphone over a number of days, whenever is convenient
  • Engaging video-based learning followed by questions - it covers best-practice forklift operations, including those outlined in the Safe Work Australia General Guide for Industrial Lift Trucks, plus health and safety knowledge relevant to forklifts
  • Language and literacy support with translations to 103 languages plus audio recordings in English - your operators with English as a second language or poor reading skills don't need to be left behind
  • Easy management and reporting - see exactly how well your operators are doing in the modules, which modules they found difficult and whether you need to provide additional training for them
  • The optional practical assessment can be conducted in-house following our comprehensive checklist - these can be done as part of the normal work operations using the forklift they would usually use and the loads they would usually lift, meaning minimal downtime.

Experienced forklift instructor, Stan Chesswas, teaches everything your operators need to get their forklift operator's certificates, plus they will learn a bunch of tips and tricks to improve their forklift skills. 

The course is divided into easy-to-follow modules that take just a few minutes each. Operators have access to the course materials for a whole year so they can go back and repeat modules as required if bad habits start to kick in.

You can create a certificate for your operator at the end to prove they have passed the modules and to verify that they have been assessed as competent.

It's the most effective way to become an excellent forklift operator.


"The Forklift Competency Course fits our business needs. Operators find it's just like having an instructor sit in class.  We can fit the training in with our operational commitments and don't have to rely on others.  It puts us in control so if it suits your business needs, go for it."  Lance Farrow, Operations, Normans Transport 

"The course is well delivered and takes into account the different learning styles. Each course purchased is valid for 12 months so management have the option of requiring staff to redo the course as part of disciplinary action if the need arose. There is also a considerable cost saving to the company with online training." Rhys Williams, Driver Trainer, Bidfood

"I run my own driver training business and refer my clients to DT for theory training. I feel that it is a very worthwhile informative site that compliments my business well." Colin Manion, King Country Driver Training

Who is this course for?

  • New forklift operators who need a resource they can refer to repeatedly while they learn and do their high-risk work licence
  • Experienced forklift operators needing to refresh their knowledge
  • Forklift drivers who have experience but are new to your company
  • Supervisors wanting to understand how to monitor their forklift drivers

What do you get with the course?

  • Operators get full access to all training materials for 12 months. These include videos in every module plus a downloadable load plate cheat sheet
  • Comprehensive practical assessment checklist and overview video
  • The account holder can add managers at no extra cost
  • Managers can download detailed reports, plus track and manage operators
  • Managers can generate certificates on completion of the course
  • The account holder receives a monthly email with forklift tips and tricks.


I send my forklift operators out to an external training company. Isn't this the law? If it's for a high-risk work licence, yes, they must go to a Registration Training Organisation (RTO). But for refresher training and testing abilities and competence, this course meets the requirements.

I have a new forklift operator who hasn't driven a forklift before. Can they use this course to become qualified? No, they must do a high-risk work licence course with an RTO. However, they can use this course to learn the theory beforehand and help them in the course.

Does the course cover reach trucks and other types of forklifts, or just counterbalance? The theory is the same regardless of what type of forklift truck you use. The only difference is that you must provide specific practical induction and training on each piece of equipment that your operators use. This can be done internally, by the manufacturer/distributor, or by an external trainer. The same applies to using attachments.

How long is the certificate valid for? There's no prescribed expiry date but it's recommended to repeat the training at least every three years.

How do you prove that a person has done the training when it's online? We recommend that your operators do the training at your premises (either on your computers or tablets or using their smartphone) so that you can ensure it is them doing the training and not another person. Our clients tend to schedule convenient, short sessions where an operator can use those facilities.


  • You will need one course licence per person taking the course - you can't use one licence for multiple operators
  • You will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access to take the theory training.
  • A practical assessment is optional at the end of this course.

You get access to the course for a full 12 months which means your operator can take a couple of months to finish the modules and can come back to it as a refresher anytime until the course access expires - this is great if you need to do any remedial work with them. 

Set up is free whether you are purchasing one course licence or a hundred course licences.

For queries about course content please contact the course supplier, Tasman Training Ltd. Or, if you'd like a hand getting your drivers into the course, contact us using the link in the footer. 

Note: prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST where applicable.

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$77.00 + GST per person ($88.55)

 Certificate of Completion

 Approximately 2 hours

 Full access for 1 year

Course provided by Tasman Training

Tasman Training's trainer, Stan Chesswas has over 30 years' hands-on experience as an operator and instructor in New Zealand and Australia. Visit their website for more information.

Training modules

Background and qualifications

What you need to do to be a forklift operator and the limitations on where you can drive a forklift


About forklifts

Learn about forklift types, forklift parts and how they work, and the types of fuel forklifts use


Capacity and stability

Learn about a forklift’s lifting capacity and stability when carrying different types of loads. Understand and anticipate the dangers of driving a loaded forklift.


Safe forklift operation in the workplace

Understand health and safety work place requirements when operating a forklift. Learn good operating practices and how to manage hazards in your workplace. Learn about what attachments you might use.