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What is the closest distance your vehicle may be parked to a vehicle entrance?

  • A. One metre

  • B. Two metres

  • C. Three metres

  • D. Four metres

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. This gives vehicles space to turn out of and in to the entrance.

Permitted parking distances vary with the type of accessway or object. For example, while you can park 1m away from a driveway, you have to be at least 6m away from an intersection unless there are marked bays or signage saying you can park closer.  

You also must park at least 6m away from a pedestrian crossing or a bus stop marked only by a sign. If it's a fire hydrant, you mustn't park closer than 500mm (0.5m) unless someone who can move it stays with the vehicle.

Parking closer than 1m to a vehicle entrance makes it more difficult for a vehicle to see up the road when they exit (thus risking an accident), and more difficult for a vehicle to turn into the exit, particularly a long vehicle that might need to swing out wide to get in. You could be towed or ticketed. If a person cannot get into their driveway they can call the council and have your vehicle removed at your expense.