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Practice your driving theory test the most effective way using the latest official New Zealand Road Code theory questions updated for 2016. Give yourself the best chance of getting your driver's licence. With hundreds of multiple choice questions for car, motorbike and heavy vehicles, getting your learners licence and progressing to your full licence is simple. Let's get started.


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The most effective Road Code test

The 407 driving theory questions will help you learn the Road Code quickly and effectively in fun, easy-to-use quizzes, conveniently organised into topics. We have all the latest official Road Code questions for cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles plus an extra 50 questions for cars to help you better understand the road rules, and give you more chance of passing your driving test first time.

These free Road Code tests will get you up-to-speed with the rules of the road and make you a more effective and better driver.

Over 70,000 people learn the Road Code and practice for their learner licence driving test every month using the mock theory tests at

Learners' resources

Learn more tips about the Road Code and driving in our resources section packed with over 300 articles containing practical advice, videos, photos, diagrams and examples to get you up-to-speed with motoring so you get your licence quicker.

All the topics support the theory quizzes by improving your knowledge of driving in difficult conditions, what protective clothing to wear if you ride a motorbike, up-to-date information on the latest vehicle technology, how to maintain your vehicle, plus advice from driving instructors on how to pass your test.


Getting your licence

If you need to know the process to go through to get your learner licence, click here. With a car licence you will start by taking the theory test, but with a motorbike licence you will need to do a basic handling skills test first. Then you can find a qualified driving instructor to help you learn how to drive safely.

Driving in New Zealand as a tourist or visitor

If you are moving to New Zealand, coming on holiday or coming to study, we have information for driving on a foreign licence here.

Try our tourist and visitor driving quiz to ensure you understand the essential Road Code knowledge that might be different to the country you are from. This is particularly useful if you have never driven on the left. You will find many differences in New Zealand's signs and road markings if you are from Europe, Asia or the Americas. The quiz augments NZTA's excellent booklet "What's Different About Driving in New Zealand", adding more depth.


Sections covered

Questions are conveniently broken into sections within the quizzes and are randomised each time.

  • Core knowledge - basic driving, passing and dealing with other road users
  • Behaviour - driving courteously and being prepared for challenging situations on the road
  • Parking - where you can and cannot park, and any time restrictions
  • Emergencies - how to drive when there are emergency service vehicles around, and what to do if you have an accident
  • Road position - where you should position your vehicle when driving
  • Intersections - all the give way rules so you know who has right of way
  • Theory - Warrant of Fitness rules, and information about carrying passengers and towing loads
  • Signs - many of our road signs
  • Motorcycle-specific Road Code questions
  • Truck-specific Road Code questions (Classes 2-5)

All questions have supporting information not supplied on other websites and this helps you learn quicker.

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Just thanking you again for your online HT theory questions. I got 100% in my test today. A large part of that was due to your online tests. Jaez
As a resource for aspiring motorcyclists wanting to prepare for their theory assessment, we have found the online sample tests available from to be invaluable. To be honest we have yet to have someone fail who has prepared using these free online test questions. Great stuff! Ross Gratton, Two Bald Bikers Motorcycle Training
We have a 100% pass rate for our learner-clients for all classes. Some are not able to come in and do in-house training for the theory section, so we have given them your site address and instructions on how to make best use of the resource. Your site has been and is of great help to road code learners of all classes of vehicles. Sheryl Barnett-Rolston, G & R Driver Training
I would like to thank you very much regarding the tests on this site. I am driving car in NZ for last 15 years and I have recently applied for my motorbike license, just followed all the question from this site for motorbikes and I have passed at the first attempt. It's a great site and thank you very much. Raj C
We use this wonderful resource to help our students learn the road code in preparation for sitting their Learner Licence. Jan Blair Front-line Training
Just wanted to Thank you that your website was instrumental in helping me pass the Theory Test in one go and I have been in NZ for only a week! Imran M
Thank you so much for the free online tests I just scored 100% thanks to you. On behalf of all the people who can't pay for knowledge in driving tests I thank you again. Jamie D
I use the DT website daily for teaching, training and assessment class 1 and 2. Great site, thank you. Eddie van der Westhuizen Karoro Learning
Thanx to you I have passed my drivers test and have my learners. Thomas
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Just wanted to let you know how great I found this site. It was invaluable to me before sitting my class 2 licence. It was recommended by a friend who used it, and I have since recommended it to at least two people for the children before sitting their licence. Anna H
Just a message to say that your website is fantastic, and incredibly helpful with all the questions and detailed explanations! Thomas T
Just to let you know I got my motorcycle licence today, passing the learners theory test with 100% correct in 12 minutes. I credit your excellent website - my only resource for preparation. Thank you. Scott B