Driving tests

Learning to drive

Learn to drive safely by following our guides for driving a car, riding a motorbike, or upskilling to drive a heavy vehicle.

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Getting your licence

How much does it cost to get a car licence – explore the real costs of getting your licence including how much you should expect to pay for vehicle expenses as well as the actual licence and exam costs – includes a calculator

How much does it cost to get a motorbike licence – the real costs of getting motorbike training, from the basic handling skills test though to your full licence

How do you get a class 2 truck licence – all the steps you need to take

How do you get a class 5 truck licence – all the steps you need to take

How much practise is necessary before you take your test – how to know when you are ready to take your theory or practical driving test

Choosing a vehicle

Choosing a car using crash test ratings – all about ANCAP, EuroNCAP and JNCAP so that you can evaluate how safe your car will be

Choosing your first car – what should you look for when choosing your first car

Choosing a motorbike – what should you look for when choosing your first motorbike

Choosing an instructor

How to choose the best instructor for you – if you’re not sure how to choose an instructor, here are the questions to ask and the things to look for

Techniques to help you pass the test

Common mistakes new drivers make

Memory tricks to help you learn the Road Code – give yourself a better chance at memorising the Road Code for your theory test

Using visualisation – visualisation involves mentally running through your test and it can improve your confidence while driving or taking your theory or practical test

Using a life coach – how a life coach helps give you clarity and improve your confidence when practising for your driving test

Using hypnotherapy – how hypnotherapy can reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence when driving

Using affirmations – how affirmations can boost your confidence when driving

Common mistakes people make in their car driving test

Common mistakes people make in their motorbike test

Making your test a relaxing experience – if you are worried before your driving test, these techniques can help you relax

Commentary drives – how talking yourself through what you see can improve your driving and riding skills

Car-specific advice

What gearbox should you learn to drive with? – Manual vs automatic: important information so that you are not restricting your opportunities when learning to drive

Using cruise control in the rain – Should you use cruise control when you are driving in the rain and in icy conditions?

Safety (all vehicles)

How dangerous is listening to music or talking on a cellphone when driving?

Effects of dehydration when driving – dehydration can affect your ability to control your vehicle effectively

Driving after taking medicine – what types of medicine can affect your driving?

Smoking while driving – is it relaxing or dangerous?

Motorbike-specific advice

Highside and lowside crashes – two common types of crashes on a motorbike and how you can avoid them

Carrying pillion passengers – riding techniques for safely carrying a passenger on your motorbike

Choosing protective clothing – a list of protective clothing you can buy for riding your bike and how each piece helps

Choosing glasses or sunglasses – important considerations for buying eyewear for riding your bike

Braking on a motorbike – from beginner to advanced braking techniques

Visibility and position – where you should ride on the road in different circumstances to make yourself more visible to other drivers

Heavy vehicle-specific advice

6 ways you will fail your heavy vehicle practical test – advice from heavy vehicle driving instructors

Heavy vehicle work time requirements and log books

Heavy vehicle weights and loads

Heavy vehicle dimensions and measurements

Driving guides

Tourists and migrants – find out which road rules are different

International students – what are your obligations when driving in NZ

Driving in hot weather

Career opportunities in driving – if you want a job where driving is the main activity, check out this list of potential career paths

Further reading

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