Driving tests

How does our driver training plan work?

All courses are delivered online. This means that any of your team can take it on any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) wherever they have internet access, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Who is the fleet driver training plan for?

Brand new drivers to your company – get them quickly up-to-speed with what you expect of them, and test their knowledge

Existing drivers – make sure they know their obligations, and refine their skills to help reduce your fuel and maintenance costs

Volunteers and contractors – volunteers and contractors must be considered under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and you can use DT to provide training and monitoring for them

Drivers that want more licence classes or endorsements to be more useful to you – drivers who don’t have the class of licence you want yet can use DT to gain the skills they need for licences and licence endorsements. For example, you’ve got a class 2 driver and she wants a class 5 licence, or you have a warehouse person who wants to get a forklift endorsement

Learner drivers – drivers that don’t have a licence at all can be guided through the learner licence process for car, heavy vehicle or motorbike

Potential employees with overseas licences – ensure that anyone driving for you that passed their licence overseas understands the New Zealand road rules before using one of your vehicles.

Getting started

It couldn’t be simpler – it’s just three steps:

  1. count up the number of people that drive for your company (including volunteers and contractors in your vehicles).
  2. purchase the correct number of driver accounts here (or simply start with a couple and then build up from there as you roll it out)
  3. invite your drivers


From here, drivers receive an email with an invitation. You’ll be notified if they don’t accept the invitation within 14 days.

When you log in, you can monitor their progress from the Reports section, and download certificates and other data to prove they have done the training. Easy!

Still not convinced? Click here to download our brochure. Also, you might qualify for a free trial: fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.