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    Q. What courses are there?

    There is a range of courses for light and heavy vehicle drivers covering the road rules, driver health and safety, logbooks, pre-trip inspection, forklifts, low-speed maneouvring and more. Click on Courses above to view them.

    Q. What is the DT Fleet Driver Plan

    DT’s Fleet Driver Plan is a unique online driver training programme where drivers can logon 24/7 to refresh and upskill their driving knowledge through theory-based study modules. The plan has been specifically designed for businesses to improve driver safety, competency and compliance. Company and driver accounts are available. Company account owners purchase driver accounts to monitor and supervise driver training and produce documents and reports for compliance. Drivers can also purchase accounts to study the modules, undertake tests, practice and record their progress and print their results.

    Q. What are the key benefits of DT’s Fleet Driver Plan

    A. Over 30% of all road accidents are work-related. People who drive for work have a higher risk of having an accident. DT’s Fleet Driver Plan helps drivers refresh basic skills and acquire new and expert knowledge to reduce the risks. The Plan helps drivers learn to drive more competently and efficiently reducing accidents and delays as well as business costs such as fines, fuel, repairs, maintenance and insurance.

    Q. Who is the DT Fleet Driver Plan for?

    The Plan is for people who drive for work – potential employees, existing employee drivers, owner, contractor and volunteer drivers or anyone who wants to pursue a career in driving. The Plan is also for businesses who want to create driving excellence, reduce the cost of driver injury and accidents and meet their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

    Q. How does the DT Fleet Driver  Plan reduce the cost of driver injury and accidents to business?

    A study by the Department in Labour found that one in four work vehicles is involved in an accident each year costing over $121,000 per accident (repairs, time off work, opportunity cost, social cost, etc). DT Fleet Driver Plan educates drivers about safe driving providing study modules on the road rules and laws, how to be mentally and physically fit to drive, how to recognise risks and avoid them, how to operate a vehicle in a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly manner plus loads more. Download our information brochure.

    Q. How does DT’s Fleet Driver  Plan help businesses meet health and safety compliance?

    DT’s Fleet Driver  Plan provides templates, reports and checklists to help employers meet driver training requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Managers can view and manage individual driver training and test results. As well as adding and deleting drivers, managers can use the plan to pretest applicants for driving jobs.

    Q. Why should drivers participate in this online training?

    Studies prove the majority of accidents are attitude or behaviour based. DT’s Fleet Driver Plan is broken into bite-sized learning objectives aimed at improving awareness, knowledge and driver health and fitness. Drivers can access the training online 24/7 from a computer, tablet or smartphone to refresh their knowledge and upskill. Drivers can store their tests and results and print off certificates as a record of their training. Download our information brochure for more details.

    Q. What training modules are available?

    The learning modules cover driver health and safety, driving rules and the road code, vehicle safety, advanced driving and licence classes and endorsements. Download our information brochure for more details.

    Q. Why should businesses participate in this online training?

    Businesses can use DT’s Fleet Driver Plan to pretest drivers for employment and to refresh and advance the skills of their employee drivers – thus creating greater efficiencies and reducing the business costs associated with accidents, maintenance and repairs, downtime and insurance costs. Managers can view and manage individual training and use the documents, reports and templates for driver compliance under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Online training minimises disruptions in the workplace. Download our information brochure.

    Q. How long does the training take?

    It depends on which course you take. Some courses are as short as 30 minutes while the Fleet Driver Plan would take 4-5 hours if you did every single module. Access is available 24/7 so drivers can repeat the modules as many times as they want to improve their knowledge and skills.

    Q. What class of vehicles does the training cover?

    Whether you use a car, truck, bus, van, tractor, forklift or motorbike, the courses will improve your driving and reduce your accident risk.

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