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Here at DT Driver Training we’re all about helping all New Zealanders excel at driving.  By this, we mean fit, healthy, competent and compliant drivers.  We provide resources to help drivers get where they want to go, confidently and safely, whether they’re behind the wheel of a private car, motorbike, a commercial or heavy vehicle.

As members of the public and private road users, we all have a duty of care to ensure we understand the road rules, have the right skills and knowledge to make the right driving choices and play a part in reducing the risk of injury to ourselves and other road users.  DT Driver Training’s website helps over 140,000 people per month study and practice for their licence tests, refresh their memory of the road rules and learn new strategies to improve their driving skills.

Both employees and employers have added responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.  For employees, this ranges from understanding the road code and following procedures to being fit to drive.  The onus, however, is on employers to provide driver policy, procedures, training, supervision and monitoring.  Failure to do so could ten of thousands of dollars in fines and legal costs.

For employers, our training system provides a convenient, cost-effective and comprehensive online portal where they can manage driver training and document the steps they are taking to upskill drivers and reduce accidents.  It enables employers to generate reports and also provides all the essential document templates for compliance.

Every year too many Kiwi families and businesses suffer road trauma.   DT aims to significantly improve the knowledge and skills of all Kiwi drivers, helping them to better understand the hazards of driving and to choose actions that make using New Zealand roads safer for everyone.

Who is behind DT Driver Training


DT Driver Training’s founder and director, Darren Cottingham, has had a passion for driving since he was a boy.  He says experiencing the freedom of the open road, taking in the scenery and exploring new places is one of life’s best pleasures.

Darren founded DT Driver Training in 2010 because he was keen to drive change on our roads believing that improving and maintaining good behaviours and attitudes to driving are key components to enhancing road safety.   

Under Darren’s guidance DT Driver Training has now grown to be the largest provider of driver theory education in New Zealand with over 140,000 individuals per month using drivingtests.co.nz to improve their driving skills, knowledge and competency.  Darren also founded Car and SUV which now powers Trade Me Motors’ reviews section and Checka (a vehicle history report provider) which he sold in 2012.   

As well as owning his own advertising agency, specialising in digital marketing, Darren has held senior management positions in communications and marketing. Before that, he was an award-nominated composer and audio engineer working with international Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling artists. Darren still maintains a keen interest in music as musical director and conductor of AKSamba, a 50 piece Brazilian percussion band, running percussion workshops and playing in concerts.

Darren is an accredited business mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand.  

Darren is available for public speaking engagements.

In December 2018, DT Driver Training was acquired by TR Group Ltd and, along with sister company TR Driver Training, makes the group by far the largest provider of driver training in New Zealand.

Media contact

You’ve reached the right place to find out more about DT Driver Training. 

Since establishing DT Driver Training in 2010 Darren has written over 550 articles on driving which are available in the Resources section of this website.

Darren welcomes your contact and is available for media comment on all things related to driver training.

Please contact Darren:

Phone: 021 222 0888 (8am-6pm)

Email: contact@drivingtests.co.nz

Use of logo and images are available on request.  

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