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What are class 2, 3, 4 and 5 trucks?

Many drivers refer to trucks as a ‘class 2 truck’ or a ‘class 4 truck’. Trucks in New Zealand aren’t defined by class, they are defined by type (see below). However, the driver’s licence required to drive them, e.g. a

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Where should you park your pallet jack so it’s in a safe place?

At the end of a shift, a pallet jack operator should make sure the pallet jack is placed in a safe area. If it’s an electric walkie, keys should be stored in a safe place. They can be a hazard

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Can you put a soundbar in your car?

Soundbars are popular these days mostly because of their portability and the sound quality they can provide. However, they are mostly used in a home theatre setup in the living room. Some soundbars even have subwoofers of their own, which

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How do you hire and drive a truck loader crane?

7 questions to ask yourself before hiring a truck loader crane How much lifting capacity do you need? How long does the deck need to be to accommodate your load? Do you need the crane at the rear of the

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How to read a pallet jack load chart to ensure safe loading

Electric and manual pallet jacks have a load rating, just like forklifts. It’s essential that your operators understand how to read them and that they make sure in their pre-operation inspections that the load plate is present and readable. Every

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Forklifts and seatbelts

Does your forklift need a seatbelt? Forklifts do not, by law, require a seatbelt. In the current Approved Code of Practice from 1995, there is not even a mention of a seatbelt. However, it’s likely that a new code of

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How to safely carry things in your car

There are good places to carry items in your car and bad places. The boot Other than a trailer, a boot is by far the safest place to carry items, although there are things to be aware of if you

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Pallet jack operator safety

Pallet jack operators, whether it’s an electric pallet jack or a manual one, can move up to two tonnes at a time and, like any humans, they look for shortcuts. These might not be ‘best practice’, though, so we have

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Do you need to do a truck loader crane refresher course?

Truck loader crane operators are recommended to have unit standards 16617 Use a truck loader crane to lift and place regular goods and 30072 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely, but it’s not a legal requirement to

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Carrying dangerous goods in limited quantities (DGLQ) and consumer commodities (con coms)

Transport companies are required to carry a variety of dangerous goods of smaller quantities to supermarkets and other manufacturers. These may be carried with reduced segregation requirements if they meet the following conditions. They must meet all other requirements of

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Tips for driving through New Zealand when on holiday

If you are visiting New Zealand from Australia (or any other country) a road trip is the best way to discover parts of the country you won’t find on the first page of Google! While the country is small, it

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Identifying risks for walkie and pallet jack operators

Almost all pallet jack operators will be using the equipment on relatively flat, level ground, predominantly in a warehouse or store, but occasionally in a yard or on exposed docks. It’s important that operators understand the hazards and are aware

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How to coach a new driver

Learning to drive is an exciting journey and the start of a process that leads to greater independence for a young driver. For the parents and other family members who get roped in to coach the new driver, the excitement

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Do truck loader crane drivers need to keep a logbook?

There’s no requirement for mobile crane drivers to keep a driver work time logbook, but what about truck loader crane drivers? Most truck loader crane drivers should be filling out a work time logbook and, if not, at least recording

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Common injuries in car accidents

Despite dramatic safety improvements in cars, drivers and passengers continue to be injured because the laws of physics and biology cannot always be overcome. Rapid deceleration while being restrained by the seatbelts puts a huge strain on the human body.

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How you can learn more about a car’s past

Used cars come with a plethora of benefits, hence no wonder the second-hand market is growing worldwide. With tons of options at their fingertips, people are more focused on negotiating the best possible price and often overlook such an important

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Walkie and pallet jack operator injuries and how to prevent them

Some pallet jacks are capable of carrying 2000kg and this weight creates a risk of injury. The majority pallet jacks, electric or manual, require the operator to walk along with them, and many operators will be lifting goods on and

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Where can I take my used engine oil?

If you want to save some money, you can do some basic car maintenance. Changing your oil is one of the easier tasks, but you’ll need to dispose of the used engine oil. Can you dispose of used oil for

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What is considered an unsafe lane change?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but unsafe driving practices are the root of most of them. That can include practices like speeding, distracted driving, or driving while intoxicated. Another common cause of vehicle accidents is unsafe lane

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What is a mobile crane?

A mobile crane is a wheeled, self-propelled vehicle with either a cable-controlled or hydraulic-powered telescoping boom crane. A mobile crane has three key benefits: Flexibility to drive on-road to the lift location High capacity Fast setup The largest mobile cranes

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