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Why is your car or truck accelerating more slowly?

There are six main categories of problems that cause your vehicle to accelerate more slowly than you’re used to: mechanical, aerodynamic, load, road, weather and driver. Some of them mean you should get your vehicle checked by a mechanic, while

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Can you use two forklifts to lift a load?

While there’s nothing in the Approved Code of Practice that says you cannot use two forklifts to lift a load, it is not advisable as a lot can go wrong. The scenario is quite common: a load arrives on a

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What is an electric truck?

An electric truck is a delivery vehicle powered solely by batteries that drive an electric motor as opposed to a diesel engine. Feasible truck sizes are small and medium-sized curtainsiders, hardside delivery vans and tippers; it’s not yet feasible to

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Does your company need an idling policy for drivers?

Fuel costs are a significant expense in some industries. Every time an engine is idling unnecessarily (i.e. the engine is running but the vehicle isn’t moving or using it to power auxiliary equipment), fuel is being used for no purpose,

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Does a driver need to carry a spill kit?

Drivers that are carrying hazardous chemicals where there is a risk of spilling should carry a spill kit in their vehicle. The purpose of a spill kit is to stop spilt chemicals entering stormwater drains or somewhere they’ll soak into

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How do you assess driver risk in your company?

The health and safety risks associated with driving can be broken down into six categories: Vehicle Health and wellbeing Compliance Cognitive ability and attitude Environmental Management Each of the risk categories have questions that should be asked to assess the

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How can you control forklift speed in your workplace?

Forklifts can become unstable when driven in excess of a safe speed, goods can be damaged and wear and tear is increased, so it’s essential that a forklift speed limit is established. There are many ways in which this can

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What to do if you get a chip or crack in your windscreen

A windscreen is a piece of laminated glass that protects the occupants from stones, insects, birds, animals and the weather. The laminate consists of a layer of glass, an interlayer of plastic and another layer of glass. This interlayer prevents

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Types of pallet jack accidents, with examples

There are five main types of pallet jack operation that causes damage or injuries to freight or operators: Tipping Speed Vehicle impact Reckless driving Manual handling The risks can be reduced by ensuring your team has had electric pallet jack

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What type of roads increase the risk of rollover accidents?

A rollover accident is where a vehicle either tips on its side or completely rolls onto its roof (or further). To achieve this, the vehicle must become unstable enough and have a high enough centre of gravity. Road design can

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What’s the speed limit for a forklift?

The Approved Code of Practice notes one of the main causes of forklift accidents is ‘excessive speed’ and it encourages operators to operate at a ‘safe speed’. However, it isn’t prescriptive in terms of kilometres per hour. It talks about

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What are class 2, 3, 4 and 5 trucks?

Many drivers refer to trucks as a ‘class 2 truck’ or a ‘class 4 truck’. Trucks in New Zealand aren’t defined by class, they are defined by type (see below). However, the driver’s licence required to drive them, e.g. a

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Where should you park your pallet jack so it’s in a safe place?

At the end of a shift, a pallet jack operator should make sure the pallet jack is placed in a safe area. If it’s an electric walkie, keys should be stored in a safe place. They can be a hazard

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Can you put a soundbar in your car?

Soundbars are popular these days mostly because of their portability and the sound quality they can provide. However, they are mostly used in a home theatre setup in the living room. Some soundbars even have subwoofers of their own, which

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How do you hire and drive a truck loader crane?

7 questions to ask yourself before hiring a truck loader crane How much lifting capacity do you need? How long does the deck need to be to accommodate your load? Do you need the crane at the rear of the

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How to read a pallet jack load chart to ensure safe loading

Electric and manual pallet jacks have a load rating, just like forklifts. It’s essential that your operators understand how to read them and that they make sure in their pre-operation inspections that the load plate is present and readable. Every

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Forklifts and seatbelts

Does your forklift need a seatbelt? Forklifts do not, by law, require a seatbelt. In the current Approved Code of Practice from 1995, there is not even a mention of a seatbelt. However, it’s likely that a new code of

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How to safely carry things in your car

There are good places to carry items in your car and bad places. The boot Other than a trailer, a boot is by far the safest place to carry items, although there are things to be aware of if you

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Pallet jack operator safety

Pallet jack operators, whether it’s an electric pallet jack or a manual one, can move up to two tonnes at a time and, like any humans, they look for shortcuts. These might not be ‘best practice’, though, so we have

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Do you need to do a truck loader crane refresher course?

Truck loader crane operators are recommended to have unit standards 16617 Use a truck loader crane to lift and place regular goods and 30072 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely, but it’s not a legal requirement to

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