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Where can I take my used engine oil?

If you want to save some money, you can do some basic car maintenance. Changing your oil is one of the easier tasks, but you’ll need to dispose of the used engine oil. Can you dispose of used oil for

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What is considered an unsafe lane change?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but unsafe driving practices are the root of most of them. That can include practices like speeding, distracted driving, or driving while intoxicated. Another common cause of vehicle accidents is unsafe lane

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What is a mobile crane?

A mobile crane is a wheeled, self-propelled vehicle with either a cable-controlled or hydraulic-powered telescoping boom crane. A mobile crane has three key benefits: Flexibility to drive on-road to the lift location High capacity Fast setup The largest mobile cranes

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What three things should you consider before buying a new vehicle?

There are several reasons why you may already need a new vehicle but getting a new one can prove to be overwhelming – so much choice and so much versatility has never existed before in the marketplace, and vehicles tens

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Pedestrian safety around electric pallet jacks and walkies

Even though the humble pallet jack might be small, it can carry a surprising amount of weight – up to two tonnes in some cases. If it’s an electric pallet jack or ‘walkie’, these can be 300-400kg on top of

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Why is so much carbon dioxide produced when burning fuel?

It’s true: you burn a litre of diesel which weighs around 840g, but you end up with 2.68kg of carbon dioxide. Petrol is similar – 720g per litre, but 2.31kg of CO2. Why is this? It’s related to what happens

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Can you scan and keep a vehicle logbook digitally?

If you’re a heavy vehicle driver who keeps a paper-based logbook, having them hanging around for twelve months takes up valuable space. You can scan them to your computer once you start a new logbook, but there are some conditions

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Do you always need a D endorsement when transporting dangerous goods by road?

This question often causes a great deal of confusion. There are plenty of common household goods which are dangerous – bleach, shotgun shells, fireworks, hair dye, the gas bottle for your BBQ and more. You carry some of these back

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How to easily protect your car from adverse weather conditions

Your car is probably one of your most valuable possessions. For it to stay in tip-top shape and give you a better service for longer, proper maintenance is not optional. Harsh weather is among the various factors affecting a car’s

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Dangerous goods segregation devices and when you need them

What is a segregation device? A segregation device is something that is used to contain and segregate dangerous goods that are incompatible with each other for a variety of reasons. They are used by a driver transporting dangerous goods. The

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Driving in New Zealand and Australia: understanding the difference

Perhaps the relative geographic proximity between New Zealand and Australia allows for a certain level of similarity in different areas of life, but this is usually an erroneous presumption. This is especially true when it comes to driving. The terrain

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How do you drive a high-sided vehicle in high winds?

High-sided vehicles are at risk of being blown over in strong winds, especially if they are empty or light (e.g. caravans, curtainside trucks carrying light loads like toilet paper, etc). Strong winds put tonnes of pressure on the side of

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What documents should you keep for walkie and electric pallet jack training?

To maintain a paper trail to provide to WorkSafe in the event of an incident involving the operation of walkies or pallet jacks, there are four documents which will help: Pedestrian-operated forklift operator’s certificate or equivalent – This says that

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What are small packages of dangerous goods?

Small packages of dangerous goods, explosives and excepted packages transported for hire or reward can be confusing to understand. Taking a box of shotgun cartridges for personal use is different from doing pest control for hire or reward. Smaller packages

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If I get pulled over, what will the police check regarding my load of dangerous goods?

In New Zealand, in most cases, if you are transporting dangerous goods you are required to abide by the Land Transport Dangerous Goods Rule 2005 and, as such, you are liable for prosecution if you do anything that contravenes the

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How to placard your vehicle when carrying dangerous goods

Any vehicle or combination (e.g. tractor unit and trailer) transporting dangerous goods that are a potential hazard to any person or property or to the environment must display placards or special marks as appropriate to the nature, quantity and use

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Can you transfer an Australian truck licence to a New Zealand truck licence?

If you have a full Australian truck licence you can convert it to an equivalent New Zealand licence. MR (medium rigid) can be converted to class 2. HR (heavy rigid) can be converted to class 4 Combination vehicle licences (HC

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What is a curtainsider?

A curtainside truck or trailer has canvas curtains on rails down the side that can be drawn back to allow easy loading and unloading by a forklift from either side. Behind the curtains is a flat deck truck. The roof

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Easy car repairs that you can do yourself

Owning a car is a big responsibility because you need to maintain your vehicle regularly to reduce the risk of any road mishaps that can be prevented if your car is in its good running condition. You may need to

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What is a truck-loader crane or truck-mounted crane?

A truck loader crane, truck-mounted crane, HIAB or ‘crane truck’ is a crane that is mounted to a truck, either just behind the cab or just behind the deck. It’s designed to lift goods on and off the truck and

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