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What is a B-train?

There are three main vehicle combination types in New Zealand: Truck and trailer – a rigid truck towing a full trailer using a drawbar Semitrailer – a tractor unit towing a semitrailer, coupled using a fifth wheel B-train (sometimes called

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Should you do online training or in-class training

Driver training can be done either online, in-class, in-vehicle or a mix of the three. Online training: learning materials are completed using a computer, tablet or smartphone In-class: learning is done with an instructor in a classroom In-vehicle: learning is

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Human factors in forklift driving – how to keep operators safe

Forklifts are driven in environments which can be challenging for the operator, both physically and mentally. Employers (PCBUs) must take measures to reduce the impact of these. Industrial noise WorkSafe’s recommendation for the maximum average noise exposure in an 8-hour

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Why do motorbike tyres wear more on the right hand side?

If you’re in a country that drives on the left, you’ve probably noticed that the right-hand side of your tyres wear more quickly. You’ll notice it more if you have a powerful sports bike and you’re accelerating hard and leaning

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Trailer coupling and drawbar damage: how to prevent it

A truck with a drawbar trailer or full trailer (also called a dog trailer in Australia), will be connected using a drawbar and a bolt and pin coupling. Power and air is provided using suzi coils. A full trailer needs

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How can you safely load a ute or pickup truck?

The loading area of a ute can either be: Wellside (with or without flat cover) Wellside with canopy Flat deck (with or without tailgate and side gates) Custom (e.g. toolboxes, kennels, racks, cages, etc) Each type of ute is loaded

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What is a flat deck truck or trailer?

The flat deck refers to the area of the truck or trailer that the goods are loaded onto – it’s a large uniformly flat area which items can be placed on and secured. Trailers can be heavy or light, and

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How truck drivers damage trailer drawbars and couplings

A full trailer differs from a semitrailer in that it has an A-frame drawbar attached to a dolly at the front of the trailer, rather than a kingpin and skidplate. Full trailers (also called pull trailers) are coupled using a

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Is it safe to drive with your car’s interior light on?

If you compare a 1950s car to a 2020s car when sitting inside while driving at night, you’ll notice just how dark the 1950s car is. Modern vehicles have screens and dials which are illuminated, plus they have a plethora

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Are shipping containers dangerous for trucks to carry?

Shipping goods around the world is made easy by the use of shipping containers which have standard sizes and can fit on ships, trains and trucks. It makes it possible for goods to be packed at the manufacturer, sealed for

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Can you drive everywhere in reverse?

Let’s say you’re awesome at driving in reverse. Can you drive everywhere backwards? The answer is no, for several reasons. Firstly, the law states you can only drive in reverse as far as necessary to perform a manoeuvre. You will

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What jobs can you do if you’ve been a truck driver?

When decide on a career change and don’t want to drive trucks any more, what are your options? At the moment, there’s a huge shortage of truck drivers, so experienced drivers are likely to be snapped up and there will

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How does your suspension and tyre pressure contribute to rollover risk?

Many drivers have suffered a rollover and even more have lifted an axle or two, unaware that it happened. These drivers are frequently driving their trucks on the limit without realising it because most drivers never get rollover prevention training.

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How to prevent overloading on a truck’s axles by sliding the fifth wheel

Getting your load’s centre of gravity as low as possible and having it restrained securely are two of the three main tasks when transporting a load. The third is ensuring that you’re not overloading an axle. You can check the

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Why do drivers break the speed limit?

The majority of drivers break the speed limit. Mostly it’s deliberate, sometimes it’s accidental. Almost always, it’s not required, but very occasionally it’s to get a driver out of danger (e.g. a misjudged overtaking manoeuvre). While over 80% of drivers

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Which is best – a telescopic boom crane or a knuckle boom crane?

When you’re choosing a truck loader crane you have a choice of a telescopic boom crane or a knuckle boom crane. Telescopic boom cranes (also called straight boom cranes) have a cable and hook attached to a winch, while the

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Where are blind spots on trucks and buses?

Drivers have areas around their vehicle that they cannot see in the mirrors or by turning to look. These are called blind spots. Modern vehicles have fewer blind spots due to better mirror placement, cameras and bigger windows, but there

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What happens if your car battery runs flat?

In a car with a petrol or diesel engine, the battery has a life of around 5-6 years, assuming it’s being used reasonably regularly, but there are ways in which you can reduce this, one of them being letting your

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What’s a dangerous goods or DG placard?

A dangerous goods placard is a diamond-shaped warning sign or label displayed on a truck, trailer, portable tank or container that either conveys information about the specific hazards and risks of the goods carried, or is a generic warning that

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Why do trucks have a lot of gears?

Trucks are often classified in according to the class of licence required to drive them. A class 2 truck can have gross laden weight of 18000kg, a class 4 truck is 18000kg and over without a trailer and a class

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