Driving tests

How many fireworks can you legally carry in your car?

So you want to have a massive backyard fireworks party. There’s actually a limit to how many fireworks you can legally carry in your vehicle before you must placard it so that emergency services know what is being carried in

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Tips for teaching your teen to drive

Here’s how to have a massive argument with your teen: start helping them learn to drive without first preparing. If you are planning on teaching your teen to drive, the best option is to use a driver trainer, but you’ll

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Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2023 explained – what it means for your driving

The Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2023 has come into effect and has some implications for drivers. Clearways Parking in a clearway is now explicitly prohibited. Previously, clearways weren’t mentioned. Clearway has the same meaning as in Part 2

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What features does a truck have that a car doesn’t have?

From air suspension seats to marker lights, trucks have features that car drivers don’t get, and for very good reasons! Longevity You’ll be lucky to get a million kilometres out of your car before it becomes more expensive to fix

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What is V2X and how can vehicles communicate with other technologies?

V2X means ‘vehicle-to-everything’. Its a set of technologies that enables a vehicle to communicate with other connected technology, and transfer power. The concept behind it is to improve road safety, fuel economy, and traffic throughput, and to spread the load

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Should you choose a cantilever, column or folding tail lift?

There are three main types of tail lift and each one has its advantages and disadvantages: Cantilever: the platform folds up using a tilt ram and forms all or part of the rear door Folding: the platform folds in half

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What impact does a driver’s diet have on their driving?

Food is your fuel. You wouldn’t put poor-quality fuel in your vehicle and expect it to run properly. The same applies to your body. Your food choices affect your thinking, your reactions, your energy and your alertness. This applies whether

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In an electric car (EV) what is one-pedal driving?

One advantage of an electric vehicle is that it can generate power that is fed back into the battery when it is coasting (i.e. foot not on the accelerator) or braking. This is called regenerative braking. EVs allow the driver

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How many lithium-ion batteries can an electrician carry in a vehicle?

Electricians may need a D endorsement if carrying batteries for solar power systems due to the weight of the batteries exceeding the limit under tools of the trade. More and more electricians are servicing and installing solar panels on houses.

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You’ve broken down on the way to the airport. What do you do?

The nightmare scenario is you rushing to get to the airport for an important trip or a holiday, and your car breaks down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. It’s even worse if you have kids with

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What is a rear-steer or self-steer axle on a trailer?

On some vehicles, the rear axle passively steers or self-steers. Advantages of a self-steering rear axle It improves the turning circle. The maximum turning circle for a vehicle in New Zealand is 25m from wall to wall (excluding collapsible mirrors),

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How do you become a forklift operator?

A forklift operator job could be part time for some school holiday cash, a lifetime career option, or a stepping stone to other jobs in logistics and warehousing. First, though, you need the right qualifications. What qualifications do you need?

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Fines for certificate of fitness breaches

A certificate of fitness (CoF) is a periodic check to ensure that a vehicle meets the required roadworthiness standards on the day. Not keeping your vehicle at CoF standard means you could get a fine. A CoF is required for

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What fines are given for insecure loads?

In 2022, over one million dollars of fines were doled out to drivers who did not comply with the Truck Loading Code or the Road Code as regards transporting a load which was securely restrained. Seven types of offences were

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Where can you legally drive fast?

If you have been caught speeding and have received a ticket, you might need to do a speeding course, but where can you actually legally drive in excess of the speed limit? Racetracks New Zealand has some stunning racetracks that

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How many truck and bus drivers get speeding tickets?

We made a request to police to provide statistics for speeding amongst heavy vehicle drivers. It’s much less likely that a truck driver will be breaking the speed limit than a car driver, but 2185 infringement notices were issued in

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Logbook and worktime fines

2022 was a big year for logbook and worktime fines but less than when we last did it in 2018. If you were a truck driver, police were on your case due to the impact of fatigue on driver performance

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Truck rollover crash data shows incidents are increasing

Truck and trailer rollovers are caused by combinations of: Too much speed into a corner Changing direction too quickly Turning too quickly Collapse of a bank Strong winds Tyre failure Live loads or insecure loads shifting Loads loaded with the

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How do you maintain a battery electric vehicle (BEV)?

An electric vehicle is missing the complex engine and gearbox that’s required in a petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle. Electric motors are much simpler, and don’t require the maintenance. Consequently, servicing is cheaper and less frequent, which partially offsets the premium

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What is a diesel particulate diffuser and how does it work?

A diesel particulate diffuser, or DPD, is an emission control device used in diesel engines to reduce the amount of particulate matter (PM) emissions released into the atmosphere – they lower exhaust emissions. They’re also called DPF (diesel particulate filter).

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