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Are you allowed to drive without a muffler?

You can drive a car or motorbike with no muffler as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum sound level allowed. What is a muffler? A muffler is part of the exhaust system which reduces the volume of your engine

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Critical and immediate fail errors in your driving test

There are two types of errors that could cause you to fail your restricted or full licence practical driving test: Critical errors – you can make one of these in stage 1 of the test and up to two critical

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Types of forklift trucks

If you want to get your forklift operator’s certificate then you need to know what types of forklift trucks you can operate.  The main types of forklift truck are: Counterbalance Walkie trucks Reach stackers Order pickers Sideloaders Off-road Telescopic handlers

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What should you do when your truck breaks down?

Even the best-maintained trucks will occasionally strike a problem that means they can’t proceed any further. Most commonly this will be a flat tyre. A driver and the company they work for must have a plan that meets the requirements

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Gypsy Day: what to look out for on the roads

Gypsy Day, the annual ritual of sharemilkers and livestock owners moving their cows to new paddocks, happens around 1 June and there are reasons you should be careful if you’re driving in a rural area on or after that day. Hazards

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The benefits of a forklift e-learning course

Traditionally a forklift OSH certificate course has involved a theory session in a classroom with other students followed by a short practical assessment. The operator is often away all day then comes to work the day after. This approach is

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Logbook and work time offences

We made an Official Information Act request to NZ Police to gain logbook and work time offences for 2017. The figures show that drivers were fined almost $500,000 for infringements. 324 drivers were prosecuted in court (figures for fines and

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Can you drive at night on a learner licence?

You can drive a car or van at any time of the day or night as long as you have a supervisor and are displaying L plates front and rear. If you are a motorcyclist you must not ride between

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Digital driver licences in New Zealand

What is a digital driver licence? A digital driving licence is a secure identification stored on a smartphone or other device which you can use to prove that you have the right to drive. It is not necessary to have a

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Carpooling in New Zealand

Traffic in our cities is diabolical in rush hour so it makes sense to carpool if possible to help reduce congestion levels. What is carpooling? Carpooling (also called ride sharing, car sharing or lift sharing) is when you prearrange to

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Can you drive if you have had a limb amputated

It is still possible to drive with one arm, no arms, one leg, or no legs. Having a limb amputated does not invalidate your current driver licence. However, a doctor may require that you drive a specific type of vehicle

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What is the risk of buying a stolen car?

If you buy a car from a dealer you are covered by consumer legislation and various guarantees or warranties, but if you purchase a secondhand car from a private seller there is a risk that it could be stolen. If

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Do company vehicles have to carry a first aid kit?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 covers the safety of employees and contractors wherever they are working for you, and this includes when they’re in a vehicle driving for work, whether they are driving or just a passenger.

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Are you allowed to reverse onto a busy road?

While it’s not ideal to reverse onto a busy road, there is no law against it. Firstly, you would have to determine what ‘busy’ means, which is difficult because many ‘busy’ roads are only busy at certain times of the

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Pass your practical driving test by mastering these systems

Learning a system of car control makes it much easier for you to pass the practical driving tests for the restricted and full licences; they will make you more confident in your driving. Your driving instructor should be able to

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Can you drive when you are pregnant?

The law does not prevent you from driving when you are pregnant unless you can’t do so safely, i.e. you cannot control the car. The physical changes and challenges you face when being pregnant might encourage you (or force you)

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What should you do if your brakes fail while you are driving?

Depending on what vehicle you are driving and the type of road you are driving on, you have a number of options if your brakes stop working while you’re driving. They could stop working because of brake fade, you’ve driven

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What is the social cost of a car crash?

In a vehicle crash the obvious cost is the damage to the vehicle but there is a social cost, too, as many other people are affected by the crash. The Ministry of Transport publishes social cost figures every year. New

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Technology to keep you driving in your lane: lane departure warning & lane keep assist

Distractions and inattention can cause your vehicle to drift out of its lane. In the worst case scenario this can cause you to hit another vehicle head-on. Lane departure warning systems are a suit of technology that warns drivers if

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Can you drive with dementia?

Dementia defines a group of symptoms that result in a decline in memory and thinking skills that affect a person’s life. It’s not one disease, but the most common cause is Alzheimer’s disease which accounts for up to 80% of

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