Driving tests

How many truck and bus drivers get speeding tickets?

We made a request to police to provide statistics for speeding amongst heavy vehicle drivers. It’s much less likely that a truck driver will be breaking the speed limit than a car driver, but 2185 infringement notices were issued in

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What’s the difference between driver licence suspension and disqualification?

A suspension happens to your licence – the licence becomes temporarily invalid, therefore you can’t use it to drive. A disqualification happens to the driver – the driver becomes unable to drive or hold a licence, whether they have a

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How many fines do truck drivers get?

Truck drivers generally get five types of fines: Logbook and work time infringements Speeding infringements Driving a vehicle with the wrong licence class Insecure or overweight load Certificate of fitness or road user charges Why are truck drivers getting fines?

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Methods used to encourage sensible lawful driving

The government, police and road authorities traditionally use a variety of fear-based techniques to encourage people to stick to the road rules. Rules and laws are created for safety and/or convenience, and breaking these rules results in some kind of

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School zone traffic rules and penalties (fines and demerit points)

School zone speed limit sign

40kph variable speed limits are becoming more common around schools since they were first introduced in 2000. Busy roads that run past schools are considered dangerous for children who are easily distracted. A vehicle travelling at 40kph produces significantly less

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What do you do if you lose your speeding ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket you’ll have 56 days to pay it from the time it was issued. If you lose it in the first 28 days, don’t worry as you will get a reminder notice with all the

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How do you avoid a speeding fine?

In New Zealand the usual tolerance is 10kph over the limit, and in holiday periods this is dropped to 4kph. There is some contention over whether this is successful in achieving a reduction in fatalities and as the practice is

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