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Before you send your message please read the short FAQs underneath. It outlines the questions we get frequently.

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    Frequently asked questions:

    • Are the questions and answers the same that will be in the actual test?

      The questions are the same, but the answers will be worded differently. We have all the questions for car, truck and motorbike, and we update them whenever updates are made by NZTA.
    • Some of the questions have the same answer twice.

      If you’re talking about the ones that have mph and kph, this is an easy mistake to make.
    • Can you book a driving test here?

      No – all we do is let you practice the questions and answers that are in the test.
    • Can we recommend a driving school?

      Best if you use Google to find one nearby

    • You want to link to our website from yours.

      That would be awesome.
    • Please check on www.nzta.govt.nz if you have any other questions related to taking your test, like costs, etc. We can’t answer questions about your specific licensing requirements.