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How does wind speed affect sideloaders, forklifts, EWPs and truck loader cranes?

Four different vehicles, but one risk factor that needs to be considered before operating or lifting with them. The bigger the object being carried, the more wind resistance it creates, so the more force will be exerted on the machine.

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How do you safely drive a forklift on the road?

Roads have more uncontrolled dangers than warehouses and factories when it comes to operating a forklift. For this reason, forklift operators must hold both an F endorsement and operator’s certificate, plus the right class of licence (class 1 for forklifts

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Working as a driver or operator during hot weather

Summer presents some major challenges for drivers and machine operators. Here’s how you can stay safe: Fatigue Hot, muggy nights disrupt your sleep, as does an early sunrise. Invest in a low-noise fan and thermometer for your bedroom, and some

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How do you prevent forklift rollovers and losing the load off the forks?

Two of the most common accidents with forklifts are the forklift tipping over, or the load falling off the pallet. Both types of accidents have caused death and injury, and also cause costly damage to the equipment or to the

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How do you become a forklift operator?

A forklift operator job could be part time for some school holiday cash, a lifetime career option, or a stepping stone to other jobs in logistics and warehousing. First, though, you need the right qualifications. What qualifications do you need?

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Should forklift operators wear a hat while working?

There are several options for hats for forklift operators. A hard hat is often required where a work area may have falling objects. However, a forklift operator might want to wear a cap with a longer visor or a sun

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Roller doors and forklift safety

Roller doors are an area of risk for forklift operations; collisions with them are frequent. If a forklift hits a roller door, it can bend the door or pull it off its tracks. This might mean that it’s impossible to

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Should you buy a lithium battery forklift?

The original battery-powered forklifts used lead acid batteries, and they still make up a large proportion of the sales due to lithium ion batteries being much more expensive. Enhanced lead acid batteries are the most recent development of lead acid

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What size forklift do you need to lift a shipping container?

Shipping containers are usually lifted or moved by one of six vehicles: Empty container handler Loaded container handler (a heavier version of the empty container handler) Reach stacker Crane Straddle carrier Sideloader Forklift The first five usually lift from the

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Does your forklift need warning beacons and reversing alarms?

Are warning lights, alarms and other safety devices legally required to operate a forklift? There are thousands of forklifts still in operation that were purchased over 30 years ago. These are perfectly good forklifts operating in all kinds of capacities.

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Hydraulic system checks on forklifts, loaders, excavators and other machinery

What do hydraulic systems do? Hydraulic systems are used to raise, lower, turn, contract, expand, turn and otherwise move attachments and parts of many different types of equipment such as forklifts, backhoes, excavators, loaders and truck loader cranes. When an

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Human factors in forklift driving – how to keep operators safe

Forklifts are driven in environments which can be challenging for the operator, both physically and mentally. Employers (PCBUs) must take measures to reduce the impact of these. Industrial noise WorkSafe’s recommendation for the maximum average noise exposure in an 8-hour

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How do you charge a forklift battery safely?

With the right care and maintenance battery-powered forklifts can be recharged many times, and the batteries will last several years. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging. You’ll need to know this process as part of having either

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What’s the minimum age for driving a forklift?

Minimum ages for driving a forklift vary by the type of forklift qualification required. This section is for New Zealand, see the end of the article for other countries. Driving a forklift on a road with a gross laden weight under

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Do drivers of LPG forklifts need a dangerous goods qualification?

As more and more safety compliance responsibility is heaped on companies, some are finding it difficult to achieve dangerous goods compliance when they are using forklifts with LPG cylinders. Cylinders attached to a forklift are not counted as being in

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Can you tow with a forklift?

Forklifts are not designed for towing, but there are three common scenarios where a forklift might be used to move vehicles using an attachment. Because attachments are custom engineered for specific purposes they can be designed to enable forklifts to

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Can a forklift speed limiter improve safety?

We wrote about options for managing forklift speed in your workplace, and what a forklift speed limit should be for your workplace. One of the methods to restrict forklift speed is to use a speed limiter. What is a forklift

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Can you use two forklifts to lift a load?

While there’s nothing in the Approved Code of Practice that says you cannot use two forklifts to lift a load, it is not advisable as a lot can go wrong. The scenario is quite common: a load arrives on a

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How can you control forklift speed in your workplace?

Forklifts can become unstable when driven in excess of a safe speed, goods can be damaged and wear and tear is increased, so it’s essential that a forklift speed limit is established. There are many ways in which this can

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What’s the speed limit for a forklift?

The Approved Code of Practice notes one of the main causes of forklift accidents is ‘excessive speed’ and it encourages operators to operate at a ‘safe speed’. However, it isn’t prescriptive in terms of kilometres per hour. It talks about

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