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Can you tow with a forklift?

Forklifts are not designed for towing, but there are three common scenarios where a forklift might be used to move vehicles using an attachment. Because attachments are custom engineered for specific purposes they can be designed to enable forklifts to

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How to stop a trailer from swinging side-to-side

Trailer sway is when your trailer starts swinging from side-to-side and is out of control. It can happen to any trailer when you are using a tow ball (i.e. a single pivot point) behind the rear wheels of the towing

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Towing a horse float

horse float

Towing a normal trailer is much easier than towing a horse in a trailer. A horse is several hundred kilos of unstable, top-heavy mass that can move around in your trailer and it makes driving a challenge as you will

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Carrying loads on a car, motorbike or trailer

Loading a car Roof racks If you can’t fit a load in your car, the safest ways are either to have a roof rack with a custom mounted box, or to use a trailer. When not carrying a load on

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Towing a caravan in New Zealand

A caravan is a lightweight trailer that contains the facilities for living. Typically weighing between half a tonne and a couple of tonnes, they are a way of seeing New Zealand without having to spend much on accommodation. Being high-sided

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Eight new vehicle technologies for safety and convenience

As vehicle manufacturers constantly attempt to outdo one another in convenience, comfort and safety, new features appear on premium models and then gradually trickle down to the mainstream models. While automotive manufacturers sometimes develop their own systems, many of the

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Towing a trailer: the complete guide in New Zealand

Towing a trailer requires more skill from you as a driver, and puts more strain on your car. In this article we’ll discuss the skills you will need to develop, what the requirements are for your car, what should you

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