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What is a skeletal trailer and how do you load them?

A skeletal trailer is a lightweight semitrailer most commonly used for transporting one or two shipping containers. Shipping containers are intermodal – they can be loaded onto a ship, unloaded using a crane, moved using a forklift, empty container handler,

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Trailer coupling and drawbar damage: how to prevent it

A truck with a drawbar trailer or full trailer (also called a dog trailer in Australia), will be connected using a drawbar and a bolt and pin coupling. Power and air is provided using suzi coils. A full trailer needs

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What is a full trailer?

A full trailer, sometimes called a pull trailer, is a heavy trailer which has at least one axle at each end of the trailer and is pulled using a drawbar. The front axle pivots to allow steering. Contrast this with

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What is a curtainsider?

A curtainside truck or trailer has canvas curtains on rails down the side that can be drawn back to allow easy loading and unloading by a forklift from either side. Behind the curtains is a flat deck truck. The roof

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How to check out a refrigerated or chiller trailer (reefer)

Refrigerated trailers enable temperature-sensitive freight to be moved by road. If you are purchasing a reefer, or if you are simply doing a pre-trip inspection, this article explains what you should be looking for to make sure the trailer is

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What is a reefer truck or trailer?

To be able to transport temperature-sensitive products, trucks and trailers must be able to keep a consistent temperature regardless of the outside weather and windchill. In hot weather, a unit must be able to cool, while in very cold weather

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How to safely get into and out of a heavy vehicle or forklift truck

Every year many drivers get injured through getting out of and into their truck unsafely. If you jump from your cab, when you hit the ground you’ll generate almost twice your bodyweight in force through your knees. It’s in an

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Towing a trailer: the complete guide in New Zealand

Towing a trailer requires more skill from you as a driver, and puts more strain on your car. In this article we’ll discuss the skills you will need to develop, what the requirements are for your car, what should you

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