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Advantages of air suspension

Air suspension on trucks has huge advantages, and a few disadvantages. Most new trucks come with an air suspension option (if not as standard), and it’s available on trailers, too. If you’re considering air suspensionĀ on a truck or trailer, here

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Vehicle dimensions and mass (VDAM) changes

Full trailer dimensions

This is the essence of the new Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 rule and it saves you reading the whole document: It replaces the 2002 VDAM rule and came into effect on 1 February 2017. Weight changes On permitted roads,

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Truck driver fuel economy tips: the ultimate guide

Trucking is competitive and, when you’re piloting a 30,000kg vehicle through cities, villages and rural roads, saving fuel can make the difference between a route being profitable and not. If you’re a driver and you can drive economically you are

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Types of trucks, trailers and loads

Trucks are heavy vehicles that carry goods on New Zealand’s roads. If you’re looking for a career in trucking, these are the types of trucks you could be driving. And remember to check out our guide to getting a job

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What do you do if you lose your speeding ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket you’ll have 56 days to pay it from the time it was issued. If you lose it in the first 28 days, don’t worry as you will get a reminder notice with all the

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Removing demerit points and how long they stay on your licence

Demerit points are given for various traffic offences such as: Some alcohol-related infringements and offences (e.g. courts might allocate demerit points if a disqualification is less than 6 months) Having an alcohol reading between 250-400mg/litre of breath, or between 50-80mg/100ml

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How angling your wheels at an intersection can cause a crash

When you come up to an intersection you should always leave your wheels pointing straight ahead until you start to turn into the intersection, i.e. as you start moving forward to make the turn into the intersection, turn your wheels.

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Software to speak email while you drive

It’s obviously incredibly dangerous to take your eyes of the road while you are driving and, in an ideal world, we would keep 100% of our attention on the road, too. But that’s not realistic for some of us who

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Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule Change Implemented

On July 8, 2015 changes come into effect to the VDAM rule which introduce graduated penalties for minor infringements and a revised definition of three critical conditions which attract a higher penalty: Exceeding the gross weight on the permit Exceeding

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Learning to drive in winter – what you should be wary of

While it’s a bit more challenging to learn to drive or ride in winter, there are advantages to it. We’re fast approaching the shortest day, and there’s going to be more rain and possibly ice or snow (depending on where

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Social media groups for truck drivers

Whether you are studying for your heavy vehicle licence or are already a heavy vehicle driver, you can often get invaluable advice from those already in the industry by participating in social media groups and pages. Bear in mind there

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Transporting hazardous or dangerous goods in a truck or car

This article explains what hazardous goods are, how to transport them, whether you need a D endorsement on your drivers licence to do so, and how to get a D endorsement. What are hazardous goods? Hazardous or dangerous goods are

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Changing the clocks causes driving dangers

When the clocks go forward or backĀ the change in daylight hours and the disruption to sleep can cause problems for drivers. Daylight saving begins on the last Sunday of September and ends on the first Sunday in April. If you’re

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The dangers of deer on roads

You are more likely to see deer on the roads in autumn as April and May is the main mating season for deer. There are 8 types of deer in New Zealand (if you include the potential for some elusive

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How much practice is necessary before taking your driving test?

To get your full driver’s licence you will need to take both a theory and practical test. They require completely different skills as one is a multiple-choice test administered in a testing centre on a computer and the other is

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Apply for your HPMV online, for anywhere in New Zealand

Operators of high-productivity motor vehicles anywhere in New Zealand will be able to apply for their permits online from mid-March 2015 after a successful trial in Auckland. The online system is able to track each step of your permit’s process

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Carrying loads on a car, motorbike or trailer

Loading a car Roof racks If you can’t fit a load in your car, the safest ways are either to have a roof rack with a custom mounted box, or to use a trailer. When not carrying a load on

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Joining the Institute of Advanced Motorists NZ: tips for passing your test

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a UK-based organisation, founded in 1956, which developed an advanced driving framework from the police driving manual. It is also in operation in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. While it has

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Driving and riding in strong winds

Whether you drive a car, truck or bus, or ride a motorbike, heavy winds can cause a lot of extra danger. This article explains the hazards you could experience during and immediately after heavy winds, and their effects on other

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Is it dangerous and distracting to listen to music in the car?

The car is where many people listen to the majority of their music, and our cars are becoming ever more connected. Some cars, like later model Holdens with MyLink, will interface directly with Pandora and Stitcher music apps so you

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