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Fines for certificate of fitness breaches

A certificate of fitness (CoF) is a periodic check to ensure that a vehicle meets the required roadworthiness standards on the day. Not keeping your vehicle at CoF standard means you could get a fine. A CoF is required for all heavy vehicles, taxis, shuttles, buses and rental vehicles. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is maintained in CoF condition at all times; a CoF does not guarantee the vehicle is roadworthy now, only that it passed on a specific day.

In 2022, over $1m of fines were given to drivers for breaches of certificate of fitness rules. We obtained this breakdown from police using an Official Information Act request.

Offence description# of offencesTotal fines
No evidence of current certificate of fitness976$585,600
Braking defect285$42,750
Driveline defect2$300
Fluid leak195$29,250
Lighting system defect702$105,300
Load anchorage defect66$9,900
Steering system defect12$1,800
Suspension system defect116$17,400
Tow coupling defect101$15,150
Vision glazing defect269$40,350
Wheels or tyres defect529$79,350
Cab, chassis or body defect238$35,700
Vehicle not up to CoF or permit standard798$119,700

These fines indicate just how important it is to complete a pre-trip inspection every day.

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