Pre-trip Inspection (Heavy Vehicles)

This course ensures your drivers can meet the requirements of a pre-start or pre-trip safety inspection. It teaches a robust check which takes between 5-10 minutes and should be completed every day before you set off. 

While most drivers know they should do a pre-trip inspection (and some even use an app to help them) very few drivers are actually taught what they are looking for in terms of faults. This can lead to thousands of dollars of damage when something serious goes wrong that was preventable.*

This is the most comprehensive pre-trip safety inspection course you'll find anywhere. It covers New Zealand requirements for standard rigid and combination heavy vehicles (class 2-5) but is also relevant for other countries. Regardless of what type of truck you drive, this course gives you the system you need to follow to ensure your truck is safe for the road.

You'll start with the approach checks where you can get a good overview of anything obviously wrong with the truck, then to the engine where we look at fluids, filters and more. Then we move to the cab, ensuring that it's set up right for you before doing the external checks. We'll give you useful ways which you can test your lights are working, plus tips on how to keep your wheels secure. Finally, it's the moving off checks.

In the course, we use a rigid 8x4 curtainsider, a b-train and a tipper but all the checks also apply to refrigerated units, box trucks, transporters and more. In addition, we have modules for:

  • Combination vehicles, covering fifth-wheel couplings for semi-trailers and b-trains, airline checks, trailer couplings and documentation
  • Dangerous goods requirements
  • Tipper trucks (focusing on hydraulics, PTO and load security)

Who is this course for?

  • Drivers of all types of trucks
  • Transport managers and supervisors
  • Drivers about to do a class 2 licence
  • Truck maintenance engineers

How does it work?

Each module has a video that gives detailed explanations of the techniques for completing the inspection. You work through the modules in your own time. You can repeat modules as many times as you like while you have access to the course materials.


Computer, tablet or smartphone to take the training.

How long does it take?

The course will take between 30-45 minutes, depending on which modules you do (some modules are optional and can be turned off, such as combination vehicles, dangerous goods and tippers). There are 30 minutes of video split over 11 modules plus between 1-5 questions to answer in each module. Each module takes just a few minutes so can be done in downtime. Once completed, a certificate of achievement can be printed.

*What can happen to a truck if it's not checked?

The most common issues we come across are drivers not knowing how to check tyres and wheel. This can lead to wheel-off situations that cause massive damage, injury and even death to other road users. Deflated tyres can overheat, delaminate and destroy not only the tyre but the airbag suspension costing thousands of dollars to fix. Signs of water in the oil, if ignored, can cause expensive engine damage. Leaking fluids (especially brake fluid) can have catastrophic consequences. 5-10 minutes before a trip can save a huge expense and even a life.

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$35.00 + GST per person ($40.25)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 0.75 hours


Full access for 6 months

Course provided by TR Driver Training

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Training modules

Standard Pre-trip Inspection Tasks for All Vehicles

Engine, in-cab and external checks


Combination and Specialist Vehicle Checks

Truck and trailer combinations plus specialist vehicles and dangerous goods

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