Fleet Driver Skills

Fleet Driver Skills (previously Fleet Driver Plan) gets your drivers up-to-speed with driver health and safety, the road rules, vehicle safety and advanced driving. It's all the things you've forgotten since you passed your test, all the changes up to now, and everything you should have been taught about safe driving.

Ideal for:

  • Fleet drivers who drive long distances or drive a variety of different vehicles
  • Drivers who are new to New Zealand
  • People looking for a job that involves driving
  • Companies that want to reduce their accident risk and fuel bills
  • Companies who are upskilling drivers into a higher licence class, e.g. class 4 to 5 or class 1 to 2.

34 modules come with this course for one low price, and you can decide which modules you want your drivers to do at any time.

Module contents

Driver health and safety

  • Attitude: The psychology of accident risk and road rage, plus what makes a great driver
  • Drugs and alcohol: Rules and guidelines around driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Mobile phone use: Legal requirements for mobile phone use while driving, and implications and dangers
  • Fatigue: Dealing with tired driving - recognising it and how to avoid it
  • Driver health & fitness: How diet, health and fitness affect your ability to drive; medical standards for commercial drivers
  • Vehicle setup: How to get the optimum position for driving, giving maximum control, safety and comfort
  • Crashes: Common causes and consequences of collisions, and how to avoid them
  • Carrying goods: Safe carrying of items in your vehicle

Advanced driving

  • Distractions: How to identify and avoid distracted driving
  • Drive to the conditions: Awareness of how conditions, situations and other road users affect driver safety
  • Anticipation: Scanning and anticipation for reducing fuel costs and accident risks
  • Fuel efficiency: Tips and techniques for economical driving, saving fuel and reducing the environmental impact of driving
  • Braking: How ABS works, braking techniques and distances
  • Vehicle control: The system of vehicle control, gap selection and reaction times
  • Night driving: Advantages and disadvantages of driving while it's dark
  • Gravel driving: Techniques for coping with loose surfaces

Vehicle safety

  • Safety technology: Understanding how to take advantage of vehicle safety technology
  • Tyre & wheel safety: Keeping your tyres and wheels in top condition, plus important checks
  • Crash testing: How crash testing works, what you should look for in a vehicle, and how airbags work

Licence endorsements

  • Heavy vehicle: All questions for classes 2 and 3-5 for heavy vehicles for the learner licence test, and including additional content to broaden coverage of specific rules
  • Carrying passengers: Best practices for driver courtesy and passenger safety for drivers of small buses and minibuses

Driving rules and the road code

  • In addition, there is access to all the road rules and Road Code questions contained within the other sections. The road rules questions don't contain questions related to learner or restricted licences.

Essential resources

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$26.00 + GST per person ($29.90)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 3-4 hours


Full access for 1 year

Course provided by DT Driver Training

DT Driver Training is New Zealand's largest provider of online driver education with over one million people per year accessing its training and information.

Training modules

Driver Health and Safety

Essential knowledge for company and fleet drivers.


Driving Rules & the Road Code for Experienced Drivers

Road Code knowledge and driving rules that are essential to refresh so that you reduce your risk of fines and breaking the law while driving. Note: if you are studying for your learner licence, take these modules in the car, motorbike or heavy vehicle pages.


Heavy Vehicle Licence Classes

Specific modules for studying for a new licence class


Advanced and defensive driving

Accelerate your driving knowledge and learn how to drive with better fuel economy, less wear and tear and less accident risk.


Vehicle Safety

Tyre safety, crash testing and vehicle safety technology, safe carrying of goods

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