Health & Safety At Work Act

Health and Safety at Work Act: helping you comply

Whether it’s just you, or you run a fleet of a hundred vehicles, using DT Driver Training helps you fulfill your obligations for your drivers under the Health and Safety at Work Act by providing the information, training and monitoring options you need.

Online driver training: convenient and effective

Drivers who drive for work are more likely to be involved in accidents. Improve your drivers’ knowledge of the road rules with e-learning modules they can complete at work or at home, on a computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Official NZTA questions for cars, heavy vehicles and motorbikes
  • Advanced driving questions devised by driving instructors and industry experts
  • Health and safety questions
  • Vehicle safety and setup
  • Licence endorsements - forklift theory
  • Upskill your class 2 drivers into heavier vehicles

And you can:

  • Help reduce the risk of fines and accidents
  • Monitor and report on your drivers’ results and learning progress
  • Reduce your fleet running costs through better fuel efficiency
  • Reduce your insurance premiums through fewer crashes
  • Access over 300 articles and resources for health and safety on the road, and advanced driving techniques