Driving tests

Essential resources for fleet managers

Health and safety policy and procedures

Your basic obligations to your drivers under the Health and Safety at Work Act:

You must have a safe driving policy (you can get one free with any Fleet Driver Plan course licence).

Reducing the risks while driving for work – Strategies and policies to help reduce accidents and incidents for your drivers at work

What type of drivers are most at risk of accidents? – How do you tell if you, your family or your employees are at increased risk of having a vehicle accident?

What are your company driver training options? – What is involved in training company drivers, and what is the best way to train drivers.

Transporting hazardous or dangerous goods in a truck or car – Rules and licence requirements for transporting dangerous goods commercially and recreationally.

Driving while using a mobile phone – Is talking to a passenger as distracting as talking to someone on a mobile phone? New research gives you the answer.

What is a vehicle fleet? Types of vehicles supplied within the fleet, and the options for supplying them to staff.

What does fleet management software do? – If you’re thinking of getting software to help you manage your vehicles, here are the features you should look for.

What is the grey fleet? – If you have drivers using their personal vehicles for work (other than commuting), you need to read this article.

Please also check the Health section in the car resources page.

Employing drivers

Employing drivers from overseas – what are the rules and regulations for employing drivers from overseas, and what should you do even if they have a New Zealand licence?

Driving licences for rural landowners and farm workers – How to stay within the law driving agricultural vehicles on your property and on the road.

Tools and calculators

Fuel emissions CO2 calculator – work out how much CO2 your company is emitting.

Fuel economy and usage calculators – Calculate litres per 100km or kilometers per litre, as well as price per kilometer.

Reducing costs

Is high octane fuel worth the extra price? – With premium unleaded costing more per litre than regular unleaded, is it worth paying extra?