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Essential resources for motorbike riders

We recommend you also check out the Road Rules, Health and Driving sections of the car resources page as most articles apply to motorbikes, too.

Riding a motorbike in hot weather – Summer temperatures can be unbearable on a bike. Here’s how to stay cool safety with the right protective gear.

Riding a motorbike in wet weather – Safety tips for riding in the wet on your motorcycle.

Dehydration when riding – Dehydration is not only dangerous for the rider, but for pillion passengers also. Find out the symptoms and risks of driving while dehydrated

Countersteering – Steering left to turn right sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s how motorbikes steer. Here’s the explanation.

Braking – How to brake for maximum power, and what can go wrong.

Complete guide to motorbike lane position – Guidelines for adopting a safe lane position in different riding scenarios

Driving and riding in strong winds – Trucks, caravans and buses can blow over, and motorbikes can be blown into the path of other vehicles. Here are tips for riding in gusty winds.

Carrying loads on your motorbike – Rules, regulations and advice for safely transporting items that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Caring for your tyres – These small areas where the rubber meets the tarmac are what keeps your vehicle on the road. Their effectiveness is affected by the tyre pressure, compound, camber, heat, and tread depth, the wheel alignment and the surface of the road.


Helmet crash testing – How can you trust whether you are getting a safe helmet? We explain CRASH and SHARP ratings.

Choosing the right helmet – Full-face, open-face, half helmet, modular or motocross style: which one should you go for?

High visibility equipment for motorbike safety – Equipment and clothing you can use to make you and your motorcycle more visible in low light situations and at night.

Motorbike protective clothing – Choosing the right gear to protect you when you’re riding

Choosing the right glasses or goggles for riding – What type of glasses should you buy for use with your helmet and what should you consider regarding comfort, style and construction?

Motorbike stability control – A mixture of traction control, antilock brakes and sensors to detect pitch and lean limits reduces the chance of an accident on a bike.

Important maintenance checks for your motorbike – A list of checks you should be doing monthly and at every service interval.

Social media groups for motorcyclists – Want to expand your social connections with other bike riders? Here are the main Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn groups and forums in NZ

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