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Social media groups for motorcyclists

Whether you’re learning to ride a motorbike or you’re a two-wheel veteran, getting involved in a motorcycling community can give you fresh perspective on riding, and help you make friends with similar interests.

There are groups you can join and participate in, and pages you can follow. And, of course, remember that you can always join a motorcycle club, such as the Italian Motorcycle Owner’s Club, where you can go out and meet fellow riders.


Motorcycling New Zealand Inc: Facebook page with around 1800 followers that publishes frequent information about motorbike racing in NZ

Institute of Advanced Motorists NZ: The IAM focuses on improving driving. It has over 180 members in its public group. It is focused more towards motorbikes than other types of vehicles.

New Zealand Motorbike Riders: A closed group of over 1500 members for asking for help about motorbikes, discussing rebuilds, general news and chat.

V-Rod Owners Group: A small closed group for owners of Harley Davidson V-Rods

NZ Bobbers: A closed group of over 200 members interested in bobbers (a custom motorbike that has had the front fender removed, the rear fender made smaller, or ‘bobbed’, and superfluous parts removed) in NZ

Buying and selling

Bike Sale NZ: Open group with over 3000 members to sell motorbikes and motorbike parts.

NZ’s Real Harley Buy Sell Swap Group: A closed group of around 1300 members that only deals in Harley Davidson and Buell parts and chat.

NZ Harley Davidson Buy Sell and Swap: A public group of over 4500 members that specialises in Harley Davidson bikes and parts

Motorbike For Sale NZ: A large public group with over 9000 members for selling motorbikes, scooters and quads, plus parts.

Motorbike Hustle: Over 10500 members in this closed group that is dedicated to buying, selling, swapping and trading motorbikes and motorbike-related items.

Dirt Bike/Parts for Sale NZ: A closed group of over 4500 people interested in buying or selling dirt bikes and related parts.

Motorbikes Buy Sell & Swap: An open group of over 9800 people for buying, selling and swapping motorbikes and related parts.

Online Motorcycle Swapmeet (NZ): A public group of over 2600 members for swapping or selling motorbikes and related parts.

Trade It Motorbikes South Island: A public groups specialising in bikes and bike parts in the South Island

Specific models

There are a huge number of groups dedicated to specific bikes, but you will need to search because not many are located in NZ.

If you like a specific style of bike then there are groups for bike styles like cafe racers – just search in Facebook as above.


Look for communities to join if you want to post items, or you can follow a page and at it to your circles.

NZ Bikers: Has just over 50 members. For NZ Motorcycle enthusiasts to share great rides, stories and news. Sharing what we have and enhancing NZ as a premier biking destination.

NZ Motorcycle Cruiser Group: Has over 35 members and is for people who ride tourers and cruisers

NZ Sport Bike Riders: Has over 70 members and is for riders of sport bikes.


LinkedIn is more business-focused, and there’s nothing specifically for New Zealand, unless you want to follow a specific company. However, there are global groups such as Motorbikes Professionals, Directors on Motorbikes and Executives on Motorbikes.

You will also find groups for specific marques such as Triumph Classic Motorcycles, Worldwide Harley Davidson Owners Group, Motorcycle Industry Professionals and Honda Motorcycle Owners and Enthusiasts.


Kiwi Biker: this is probably the largest forum in NZ for bike talk.


Twitter doesn’t have groups, but you can follow influential motorcyclists by searching for them by name, or you can search specific hashtags such as #scrambler.

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