Driving tests

Why do motorbike tyres wear more on the right hand side?

If you’re in a country that drives on the left, you’ve probably noticed that the right-hand side of your tyres wear more quickly. You’ll notice it more if you have a powerful sports bike and you’re accelerating hard and leaning

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Anti-lock brakes mandatory for motorcycles

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are mandatory for new motorcycles, both petrol and electric (11kW or more with a power-to-weight ratio of more than 0.1kW/kg), from April 2020. Any new motorbikes over 125cc must have them. Motorbikes from 50cc to 125cc, or

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What lanes can motorbikes use?

Motorbikes and scooters are allowed to use some lanes that car drivers are not allowed to use, but there is some confusion as they are not always signposted. It doesn’t matter what type of motorbike or scooter you have, you

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Riding a motorbike in hot weather – staying cool

Skin versus the road is a argument the road will always win, but it doesn’t stop motorcyclists from riding around in summer wearing shorts, a t-shirt and jandals. Unfortunately summer is the time you really want to be outside on

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Group riding on a motorbike – advice to stay safe

Group riding on motorbikes can be fun, but it can also make riding more dangerous and frustrating. Group size Groups should be kept small and always make sure that all riders are at a similar level otherwise the slowest tend

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High visibility equipment for motorbike safety

With a smaller size and profile, motorcyclists and cyclists are much less visible than cars and heavy vehicles, especially in low light and at night. Equipment designed to improve visibility is readily available, though, even if the bike itself is

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Motorcycle stability control explained

Two wheels are obviously much less stable than four wheels yet stability control has been available on cars since 1992. KTM was the first to introduce Bosch’s MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control) to a bike in 2013.┬áThe processing that a motorbike

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The most dangerous road surfaces for motorbike riders

Two wheels aren’t as stable as four when it comes to slippery and challenging surfaces therefore as a motorbike rider you need to be looking out for these hazards. Gravel and loose stones New Zealand has plenty of beautiful roads

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What do you do if you lose your speeding ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket you’ll have 56 days to pay it from the time it was issued. If you lose it in the first 28 days, don’t worry as you will get a reminder notice with all the

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5 tips to help you get your driver licence

This month I had the opportunity to chat with Yvonne Godfrey about how young people can have the best chance of passing a driving test. She is the founder of MIOMO (Making it on my Own) which is a course

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Removing demerit points and how long they stay on your licence

Demerit points are given for various traffic offences such as: Some alcohol-related infringements and offences (e.g. courts might allocate demerit points if a disqualification is less than 6 months) Having an alcohol reading between 250-400mg/litre of breath, or between 50-80mg/100ml

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Police motorbikes and how to ride them: becoming a motorbike officer

How do you get to ride a police motorbike for a living, and what are the specs of the bikes? We spoke to Sergeant Matt Ford, Supervising Instructor, based at the Sulphur Beach Road station at the bottom of the

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Emergency contact details in an accident

In some accidents the victims are rendered unconscious. When emergency services arrive they have to first stabilise the person and once that is done they will need to find out who the next-of-kin is. There are a number of ways

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Learning to drive in winter – what you should be wary of

While it’s a bit more challenging to learn to drive or ride in winter, there are advantages to it. We’re fast approaching the shortest day, and there’s going to be more rain and possibly ice or snow (depending on where

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Social media groups for motorcyclists

Whether you’re learning to ride a motorbike or you’re a two-wheel veteran, getting involved in a motorcycling community can give you fresh perspective on riding, and help you make friends with similar interests. There are groups you can join and

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Changing the clocks causes driving dangers

When the clocks go forward or back the change in daylight hours and the disruption to sleep can cause problems for drivers. Daylight saving begins on the last Sunday of September and ends on the first Sunday in April. If you’re

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The dangers of deer on roads

You are more likely to see deer on the roads in autumn as April and May is the main mating season for deer. There are 8 types of deer in New Zealand (if you include the potential for some elusive

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How much practice is necessary before taking your driving test?

To get your full driver’s licence you will need to take both a theory and practical test. They require completely different skills as one is a multiple-choice test administered in a testing centre on a computer and the other is

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Wet weather motorbike riding

Rain brings changes to the road surface and your visibility, so you need to adjust your riding technique and watch your speed. Scanning The process of checking the road ahead and around you is called scanning. It’s how you will

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Carrying loads on a car, motorbike or trailer

Loading a car Roof racks If you can’t fit a load in your car, the safest ways are either to have a roof rack with a custom mounted box, or to use a trailer. When not carrying a load on

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