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On-the-Go: Backpack Essentials for the Everyday Motorcyclist

Suited up and ready to ride! You’re zipping up your favourite motorcycle jacket, giving those sturdy boots the one-two kick, all while sliding on a freshly shined helmet; you’re ready to ride! There is always that one nagging issue, where

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Riding a motorbike in hot weather – staying cool

Skin versus the road is a argument the road will always win, but it doesn’t stop motorcyclists from riding around in summer wearing shorts, a t-shirt and jandals. Unfortunately summer is the time you really want to be outside on

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Is it legal to wear jandals or flip-flops when driving?

When it’s hot outside your favourite leisure footwear is likely to be the humble jandal or flip-flop. But is it actually legal to drive a car or truck, or ride a motorbike while wearing them? The law states that you

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IAM calls for more transparent safety rating on motorcycle clothing

In the UK the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called for a standardised safety rating for motorcycle protective clothing. In New Zealand we have standards for motorcycle helmets which constitute a minimum level of protection. In the UK there

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