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Can you drive overseas using a New Zealand driver licence?

Almost all countries accept a New Zealand licence as valid ID for driving, but there are some exceptions and you may also need an international driving permit which is only available from AA in New Zealand. International Driving Permit (IDP)

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Digital driver licences in New Zealand

What is a digital driver licence? A digital driving licence is a secure identification stored on a smartphone or other device which you can use to prove that you have the right to drive. It is not necessary to have a

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Getting a P endorsement and passenger services licence

From October 1, 2017, passing a P endorsement course is no longer required to drive a passenger service vehicle (i.e. a vehicle that takes paying passengers e.g. taxi, bus, coach, etc). Course providers must not issue any P endorsement certificates after October

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Can you drive in New Zealand on an overseas licence?

Any visitor to New Zealand with a current, valid overseas private driving licence can drive for 12 months using that licence before they have to change it to a New Zealand licence. It’s recommended that drivers of heavy vehicles respect

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Is it essential to have a driving licence in New Zealand?

You used to be able to get a driver’s licence on your 15th birthday just by sending away for it. Now, though, the number of people is gradually falling for these reasons: It’s much more difficult: the graduated driver licence process

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What is a pink driver’s licence?

A driver with a pink licence has special conditions because of a suspension or disqualification. Alcohol interlock The words ALCOHOL INTERLOCK appear above the photo. The driver can drive all classes of vehicle displayed on the card, but the vehicle

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5 tips to help you get your driver licence

This month I had the opportunity to chat with Yvonne Godfrey about how young people can have the best chance of passing a driving test. She is the founder of MIOMO (Making it on my Own) which is a course

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Career opportunities in driving

If you love the idea of driving for a living, or having an occupation that involves a lot of driving, this article explains what career choices you can make. Car Delivering goods Courier – deliver parcels and goods usually in

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Why you should get your driving licence before you do your OE

Many people do an OE, or overseas experience either after leaving school or leaving university. The majority go to the UK or Australia. To make yourself more employable before you get there, having your driver’s licence all sorted out is

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New driver licence format changes

If you have a car (class 1) or motorbike (class 6) licence there are new time limits being introduced from 1 December 2014 and a newly designed licence. The class 1 and class 6 learner and restricted licences will be

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Using a life coach to help you pass your driving test

If you’ve been struggling to find the motivation or confidence to go for your driving licence, or you have fears and phobias about driving, perhaps a life coach can help you. Having a driving licence will give you added mobility

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Six ways you will fail your heavy vehicle practical test

If you’re taking your heavy vehicle licence you’ll have spent a lot of time and money practising, so you want to get it right first time. We spoke to two senior heavy vehicle instructors, Iain at Passrite in Auckland and

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Using visualisation techniques to help you pass your driving test

Visualisation is a technique commonly used by sportspeople and musicians to accustom their brains to performing a particular action. It is simply the process of imagining something happening – a kind of mental rehearsal just like you would rehearse for

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Use affirmations to help with your driving test

Affirmations or ‘self-talk’ is a common and simple way in which you can improve your performance. You can use it to help you improve your memory so that you remember the Road Code quicker and more effectively, reduce nervousness when

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How much does it really cost to get a motorbike licence?

Riding a motorbike is cheaper than driving a car, but it still costs money to go through the licencing process and to get lessons from an instructor. This article outlines the costs. Getting your licence is a three-step process, but there’s

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How much does it really cost to get a car driver’s licence? (+calculator)

Getting your driving licence can help you make money (many jobs require that you have a driver’s licence), give you freedom, spend time with friends, pursue hobbies and see places you might not otherwise easily be able to see. But

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Licence will expire sooner for learner and restricted drivers

As we reported back in April, NZTA was looking for input into a law change to limit the amount of time drivers and riders spend on their learner or restricted licence. Changes to the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule were announced

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What vehicles can you drive on what class of licence in New Zealand?

Class 1 – car licence (learner or restricted) A holder of a Class 1 learner or restricted licence can drive: Any vehicle with a gross laden weight (GLW) or gross combined weight (GCW) of not more than 4500kg, including tractors

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Can you drive in New Zealand using a foreign licence?

Driving in New Zealand is allowed if you meet all the following conditions below: You arrived in New Zealand for not more than 12 months; you can drive for a maximum period of 12 months for each time you enter

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UK bans foreign language driving tests

New Zealand is one of the few countries that still allows its citizens and residents to take a driving test in a language other than the national languages (in our case, English and Maori). In fact, you can take your

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