Driving tests

Can you drive at night on a learner licence?

You can drive a car or van at any time of the day or night as long as you have a supervisor and are displaying L plates front and rear. If you are a motorcyclist you must not ride between

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What language can I take my driving test in?

Theory test When you take the final learner test it is available in a number of other languages as well as English: Arabic Chinese (simplified and traditional) Gujarati Hindi Korean Māori Punjabi Samoan Thai Tongan. All New Zealand’s road signs are in

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NCEA credits for car driver licence

Information for teachers and parents It’s possible to get up to eight NCEA credits for passing driver licence tests. It can be recognised as prior learning by an education organisation holding consent to assess, and lists on their Record of

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When will I get my learner licence?

You can take your learner licence test as young as your sixteenth birthday. Will I get my learner licence immediately after the test? If you pass the test you will be given a temporary learner licence which is valid for

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How to pass your driving test

Theory test Learn the Road Code questions by using the free tests here for car, motorbike or heavy vehicle – if you can get 100% in all the sections for your vehicle, you’ve got a really good chance of passing

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Licence will expire sooner for learner and restricted drivers

As we reported back in April, NZTA was looking for input into a law change to limit the amount of time drivers and riders spend on their learner or restricted licence. Changes to the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule were announced

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What vehicles can you drive on what class of licence in New Zealand?

Class 1 – car licence (learner or restricted) A holder of a Class 1 learner or restricted licence can drive: Any vehicle with a gross laden weight (GLW) or gross combined weight (GCW) of not more than 4500kg, including tractors

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