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How to pass your driving test

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Theory test

  1. Learn the Road Code questions by using the free tests here for car, motorbike or heavy vehicle – if you can get 100% in all the sections for your vehicle, you’ve got a really good chance of passing because the questions are the same.
  2. Or you can get our app for Android or iPhone.
  3. Book your test well in advance. See this page for where and how you can do that.
  4. Make sure you get enough sleep on the night before the test, and aim to arrive there half an hour early.
  5. Go through the questions again using your phone either on this website (free) or using the app – now they’ll be in your short-term memory, too.

Practical test

  • You’ll have a much better chance of passing your practical test if you get a qualified driving instructor to teach you. Check out our guide for picking the best driving instructor.
  • Get as much practise as you can. Your driving instructor will tell you when you are ready to take the test because you’ll be able to drive for long distances without making minor errors.
  • If you get nervous in tests, make sure you read this article about techniques to help you relax in your test.
  • On the day of your test, take care with what food you eat, and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Turn up early enough to complete the paperwork.
  • In the test itself build rapport with the instructor, ask if you are unsure, and keep your focus on the road. You should definitely turn your mobile phone off!

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