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Apply for your HPMV online, for anywhere in New Zealand

Operators of high-productivity motor vehicles anywhere in New Zealand will be able to apply for their permits online from mid-March 2015 after a successful trial in Auckland. The online system is able to track each step of your permit’s process and also remembers account details to speed up the process of making repeat applications. There will be time and cost savings for both heavy vehicle operators and the Transport Agency as permits will be able to be processed much more efficiently.

The new system is centralised and the permitting team will receive all applications through one channel, allowing them to forecast demand and more effectively manage workflow.

While the permit applications will be centralised, the decision to issue or decline a permit will still rest with each region’s permit issuing officer.

Operators will still be able to continue using the manual system for permits indefinitely, but those users will not gain the advantages of using the online system.

The new system will be simple to use, and the permitting team will be on hand to help HPMV operators with support and advice, just email HPMVinfo@nzta.govt.nz

The online permitting system will be available through the Transport Agency website.

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