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What is V2X and how can vehicles communicate with other technologies?

V2X means ‘vehicle-to-everything’. Its a set of technologies that enables a vehicle to communicate with other connected technology, and transfer power. The concept behind it is to improve road safety, fuel economy, and traffic throughput, and to spread the load

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Are camera wing mirrors better than traditional glass wing mirrors?

Cars have had rear view mirrors made of glass since at least the 1920s, so after 100 years, it looks natural for a car to have these reflective appendages sticking out the side. However, given that camera and screen technology

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Can you put a soundbar in your car?

Soundbars are popular these days mostly because of their portability and the sound quality they can provide. However, they are mostly used in a home theatre setup in the living room. Some soundbars even have subwoofers of their own, which

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Will autonomous cars leave corporate drivers jobless?

The advent of self-driving vehicles aims to reduce car crashes and curb carbon emissions globally, but it also brings bad news. Countless drivers may be displaced or even face unemployment once the machines take the wheel. Self-driving cars are inevitably

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Digital driver licences in New Zealand

What is a digital driver licence? A digital driving licence is a secure identification stored on a smartphone or other device which you can use to prove that you have the right to drive. It is not necessary to have a

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Technology to keep you driving in your lane: lane departure warning & lane keep assist

Distractions and inattention can cause your vehicle to drift out of its lane. In the worst case scenario this can cause you to hit another vehicle head-on. Lane departure warning systems are a suit of technology that warns drivers if

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Will we need wing mirrors in the future?

Wing mirrors – also called side mirrors or door mirrors – help the driver or rider see what’s at the side and behind them. Despite their usefulness in reversing and changing lanes, cars and bikes didn’t used to have them

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Road mapping technology: Traffic Speed Deflectometer

Our roads have to be checked to ensure that they are not suffering significant degradation, and to help NZTA budget for repairs. NZTA has commissioned the use of a Traffic Speed Deflectometer, originally developed by Danish company Greenwood Engineering, and

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