Driving tests

Road centre lines and what they mean

Dashed or broken white centre line A dashed or broken white line indicates lanes of a road where there are no overtaking restrictions and the road is not considered to have any unusual or dangerous features. On standard roads these

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Technology to keep you driving in your lane: lane departure warning & lane keep assist

Distractions and inattention can cause your vehicle to drift out of its lane. In the worst case scenario this can cause you to hit another vehicle head-on. Lane departure warning systems are a suit of technology that warns drivers if

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Bus lane rules

Bus lanes are lanes with specific rules about which vehicles can use them. There are four types of bus lane: Bus-only lanes Bus lanes Bus and transit Busways Bus-only lanes Bus-only lanes are part of existing roads but designed only

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Rumble strips: what are they used for?

Rumble strips, raised profile line markings or audio tactile profiled (ATP) road markings, are road markings that generate noise and vibration when you drive over them. The lines are painted like normal road markings except the machine drops ridges (also

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New orange tape for motorway roadworks and temporary lanes

NZTA is introducing a new bright orange tape on Auckland’s motorways to help guide drivers through construction areas. It’s used in a continuous strip to help define temporary lanes. “The tape helps reduce the risk of an incident, particularly on

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