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Motorway on-ramp design for effective merging

Merging into fast-flowing traffic on a motorway is something a huge number of people seem to have great difficulty with. They try to merge at 60kph when the traffic is doing 100kph, holding people up and causing a danger. When

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Ramp metering and ramp signalling: why are there traffic lights on motorway on-ramps?

When traffic lights are installed on motorway on-ramps this is for ramp metering or ramp signalling. It’s used to control the rate at which traffic can enter a motorway by holding traffic back at a set of lights on the

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Why do motorways almost always pass under other roads?

When you drive along a motorway you’ll find that most other roads pass over the top of the motorway and there are a few good reasons for this. Bridges It is easier and cheaper to build a longer two-lane bridge than

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New orange tape for motorway roadworks and temporary lanes

NZTA is introducing a new bright orange tape on Auckland’s motorways to help guide drivers through construction areas. It’s used in a continuous strip to help define temporary lanes. “The tape helps reduce the risk of an incident, particularly on

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Driving Safely on Motorways

New Zealand doesn’t have an extensive motorway network like, for example, the UK, but if you live in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin then you might need to drive on them frequently, not including the few expressways in Tauranga, Waikato,

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