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Can you wait to turn right at traffic lights?

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about what you can do when you want to turn right at traffic lights where there’s no green turning arrow. If everyone follows these rules, more traffic can flow through the intersection. As soon as

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Ramp metering and ramp signalling: why are there traffic lights on motorway on-ramps?

When traffic lights are installed on motorway on-ramps this is for ramp metering or ramp signalling. It’s used to control the rate at which traffic can enter a motorway by holding traffic back at a set of lights on the

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Traffic lights in New Zealand

Our traffic lights conform to international standards in terms of their colour, but we have slightly different phasing than some countries. Red lights A red light always means stop. You must wait until the green light shows before you can

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Street furniture: what is it? (includes images)

Street furniture, or road furniture, are items that are added to streets and roads to help direct traffic, inform road users, and help pedestrians. Road users Bollards Bollards prevent traffic from parking or driving on certain areas. They are sometimes

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