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What is good road etiquette: how you can be polite while driving

inconsiderate parking

While most people know the basic rules of the road, there are many more unwritten rules or obscure rules that help keep traffic flowing smoothly and reduce incidences of road rage. If you can practice most of these, you’ll find

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How should you signal when you merge?

When one or more lanes end or where two lanes join into one or where a feeder lane (e.g. an on-ramp or slip road) joins another road, vehicles need to merge. The rule for merging where a lane ends is

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Safer driving by anticipating other drivers’ movements

Safe driving is about anticipating what is going to happen before it actually happens. You don’t want to be a solely reactive driver because this puts you at more risk of being in a situation you can’t drive around. Fortunately

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Driving Safely on Motorways

New Zealand doesn’t have an extensive motorway network like, for example, the UK, but if you live in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin then you might need to drive on them frequently, not including the few expressways in Tauranga, Waikato,

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