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Where are blind spots on trucks and buses?

Drivers have areas around their vehicle that they cannot see in the mirrors or by turning to look. These are called blind spots. Modern vehicles have fewer blind spots due to better mirror placement, cameras and bigger windows, but there

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Will we need wing mirrors in the future?

Wing mirrors – also called side mirrors or door mirrors – help the driver or rider see what’s at the side and behind them. Despite their usefulness in reversing and changing lanes, cars and bikes didn’t used to have them

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How to adjust your wing mirrors correctly

Adjusting your wing mirrors correctly is very easy once you know what to do. Both your left and right mirrors should be adjusted so that you can see the maximum amount of the lane to the side of you as

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12 more functions in your car that you ought to know

Air recirculation Your car can introduce air from the outside, or it can recirculate air that’s already in the car. It’s not a completely closed system – there’s always air coming in from the outside because your car is not

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