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Tips for driving through New Zealand when on holiday

If you are visiting New Zealand from Australia (or any other country) a road trip is the best way to discover parts of the country you won’t find on the first page of Google! While the country is small, it

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Can you drive in New Zealand on an overseas licence?

Any visitor to New Zealand with a current, valid overseas private driving licence can drive for 12 months using that licence before they have to change it to a New Zealand licence. It’s recommended that drivers of heavy vehicles respect

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Renting a car and driving in New Zealand

Driving knowledge Almost all rental car agencies will give you some information about driving in New Zealand. There should be a booklet called What’s Different About Driving in New Zealand, and perhaps some ‘keep left’ reminder stickers either on the

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NZTA and Rental Vehicle Association launch tourist driving information cards

NZTA and the NZ Rental Vehicle Association have begun a trial in the South Island of steering wheel tags and information cards aimed at educating overseas drivers as they get behind the wheel. A number of tourism and transport safety agencies

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Tourist information signs in New Zealand

Historic tourist information signs were yellow pole-mounted signs, and you can still see some of these around in rural areas. Newer signs are brown with white writing. Not all tourist facilities warrant a sign. NZTA divides tourist facilities into five

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Chinese tourists targeted for driver education

As the number of tourists visiting New Zealand grows, so does the number of rental cars driven by people who may never have driven on the left before. Tourists might not speak or read English and therefore struggle to understand

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Can you drive in New Zealand using a foreign licence?

Driving in New Zealand is allowed if you meet all the following conditions below: You arrived in New Zealand for not more than 12 months; you can drive for a maximum period of 12 months for each time you enter

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