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What is a pink driver’s licence?

A driver with a pink licence has special conditions because of a suspension or disqualification.

Alcohol interlock


The words ALCOHOL INTERLOCK appear above the photo.

The driver can drive all classes of vehicle displayed on the card, but the vehicle must be fitted with an alcohol interlock device to prevent drink driving.

Limited licence

The word LIMITED appears above the photo. This means that the driver is currently suspended or disqualified and is driving under the conditions of a court order. The driver may be able to drive to and from work, for example.


On the back of the licence the words ‘REF COURT ORDER’ appear.

Zero alcohol


The words ZERO ALCOHOL appear above the photo. The driver must not have any detectable alcohol in their system if driving using this licence.

The conditions on the back of the licence specify the driver is subject to zero alcohol level.

The driver can drive any class of vehicle noted on the licence.

Other types of licence

Regular driver’s licences for learner, restricted and full are blue, yellow and green respectively. You can read more about them here.

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