Driving tests

Essential resources for truck drivers

We recommend you also check out the Road Rules and Health sections of the car resources page as most articles apply to trucks, too.


Ultimate guide to truck fuel economy – Over 30 tips and tricks for reducing your truck’s fuel consumption. Saving fuel means you make more profit and help the environment.

How to become a tow truck driver or car transporter driver – What are the licence requirements for towing a vehicle and how can you get a job doing it?

Transporting hazardous or dangerous goods in a truck or car – Rules and licence requirements for transporting dangerous goods commercially and recreationally.

Driving and riding in strong winds – Trucks, caravans and buses can blow over, and motorbikes can be blown into the path of other vehicles. Here are tips for riding in gusty winds.

Driving while using a mobile phone – Is talking to a passenger as distracting as talking to someone on a mobile phone? New research gives you the answer.

Caring for your tyres – These small areas where the rubber meets the tarmac are what keeps your vehicle on the road. Their effectiveness is affected by the tyre pressure, compound, camber, heat, and tread depth, the wheel alignment and the surface of the road.


Heavy vehicle work time requirements and logbooks

Heavy vehicle weights and loads

Heavy vehicle dimensions and measurements


Getting a job as a truck driver – Everything you need to know to find, apply for and get a job driving a truck.


Social media sites for truck drivers – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter contacts and advice for truck drivers wanting to join trucking communities.