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What fines are given for insecure loads?

In 2022, over one million dollars of fines were doled out to drivers who did not comply with the Truck Loading Code or the Road Code as regards transporting a load which was securely restrained.

Seven types of offences were notified that relate to the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, section 7.3.

  • 1162 drivers were fined a total of $697,000 for ‘operated a vehicle in a manner liable to cause damage, injury or annoyance.
  • 464 drivers were fined a total of $278,400 for ‘operated a motor vehicle with an insecure load’.
  • 41 drivers were fined a total of $24,600 for ‘unsafe loading of a vehicle’
  • 8 drivers were fined a total of $4,800 for ‘loader failed to secure load on vehicle’
  • 5 drivers were fined a total $3,000 for ‘insufficiently covered load’ (this is for loads which will blow away such as leaves, soil, sand, etc
  • 2 drivers were fined a total of $1,200 for part of a load or vehicle dragging on the ground
  • 1 driver was fined $750 for driving a heavy motor vehicle with an insecure load when directed not to.

Truck drivers can learn about their requirements for safe loading by completing the Heavy Vehicle Load Security course. This fills in all the gaps not covered in class licencing courses, refreshes information that may have been forgotten, or enables a driver to expand their knowledge so that they can apply for a wider range of driving jobs.

Loaders can also benefit from the course as it gives a deeper understanding of load distribution and securement.

If you tow a light trailer, carry items in a ute tray or use a roof rack, chances are that you’ve never had any training in load security. The online Light Vehicle Load Security course is the perfect way to learn how to secure loads.

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