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Forklift personnel cage vs scissor lift: which is best?

A forklift personnel cage (also called a work platform or man cage) is an attachment that can be lifted by a forklift to provide a stable platform for working at height. A scissor lift is a self-propelled platform. Companies that

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How does wind speed affect sideloaders, forklifts, EWPs and truck loader cranes?

Four different vehicles, but one risk factor that needs to be considered before operating or lifting with them. The bigger the object being carried, the more wind resistance it creates, so the more force will be exerted on the machine.

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How to avoid trapping and crushing injuries when using a scissor lift or boom lift

Trapping and crushing injuries are all too easy on scissor lifts and boom lifts. They have lots of moving parts, they can work in hazardous areas getting close to other objects, and they move with force (there’s some weight behind

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Pedestrian safety around EWPs – how to reduce EWP accidents on worksites

Accidents between EWPs and pedestrians can be serious. Because EWP operation is high-risk, EWP training is required every 3 years. EWPs move slowly and generally have good visibility for the operator, so accidents involving them and pedestrians due to driving

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How do you choose an internal person to be your EWP assessor/trainer/supervisor?

WorkSafe says that “Trainers and supervisors of workers should be competent. They can be in-house or from external organisations.” As everyone is in the chain of responsibility, this enables you to choose a person in your company to look after

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Roller doors and forklift safety

Roller doors are an area of risk for forklift operations; collisions with them are frequent. If a forklift hits a roller door, it can bend the door or pull it off its tracks. This might mean that it’s impossible to

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