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How many truck and bus drivers get speeding tickets?

We made a request to police to provide statistics for speeding amongst heavy vehicle drivers. It’s much less likely that a truck driver will be breaking the speed limit than a car driver, but 2185 infringement notices were issued in 2022, resulting in just over $160,000 in fines.

Offence descriptionOffencesTotal fines
Exceeded 80km/h (school bus)1$30
Exceeded 80km/h (trailer)27$2570
Exceeded 90km/h (heavy motor vehicle)1436$86,450
All other speeding721$70,960

Unlike cars, trucks are not capable of exceeding the speed limit by a huge margin, which is why the average speeding fine for those caught going over 90km/h was only $60, compared to all other speeding (which will include speeding in urban areas) at $98.

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