Driving tests

How many truck and bus drivers get speeding tickets?

We made a request to police to provide statistics for speeding amongst heavy vehicle drivers. It’s much less likely that a truck driver will be breaking the speed limit than a car driver, but 2185 infringement notices were issued in

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Why do drivers break the speed limit?

The majority of drivers break the speed limit. Mostly it’s deliberate, sometimes it’s accidental. Almost always, it’s not required, but very occasionally it’s to get a driver out of danger (e.g. a misjudged overtaking manoeuvre). While over 80% of drivers

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Six times when a driver might need a lawyer

Being able to drive a vehicle is a privilege and not a right. This is because driving is a serious matter that requires the utmost care for yourself and others around you. Being licensed to drive requires proper training and

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Common mistakes new drivers make, and how to avoid them

Now you’ve got your full licence you’re free to roam this great country and there are thousands of kilometres of spectacular driving to be had. However, you’re still a novice at driving and there will be situations that you won’t

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