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Are you allowed to drive after blackouts or fainting?

A blackout, syncope or fainting is where your body experiences a sudden, temporary loss of oxygen to the brain causing a brief loss of consciousness. It can be caused by low blood pressure, hypotension, diabetes, dehydration and a multitude of

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How are speed limits decided?

Choosing speed limits for a country is a balancing act based on a number of competing pressures related to road design, accident rate and fuel economy. This article outlines some factors that are directly considered when designing roads, some that

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What is traction control and how does it work?

If your engine delivers too much power to your wheels and it overcomes the friction between the tyres and the road, you get wheelspin. Traction control is a method that stops this from happening and it has great safety benefits.

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Road centre lines and what they mean

Dashed or broken white centre line A dashed or broken white line indicates lanes of a road where there are no overtaking restrictions and the road is not considered to have any unusual or dangerous features. On standard roads these

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How do you know when to change up or down a gear?

There are two main types of gearbox: manual and automatic. In a manual gearbox you will make the decisions 100% of the time when to change up or down a gear. However, manual gearboxes are becoming less and less common,

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Is it possible to learn how to drive online or by using videos?

Most skills have two components: the knowledge of how to do something plus the ability to physically do it. Unless you want to make a lot of mistakes (i.e. learning by trial and error), it’s best to learn how the

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How far should you be able to see ahead while driving?

The distance you should be able to see ahead relates to the amount of time you need to stop and how you can perceive the danger. This is affected by: Your eyesight Your speed The characteristics of the road ahead

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How to safely get into and out of a heavy vehicle or forklift truck

Every year many drivers get injured through getting out of and into their truck unsafely. If you jump from your cab, when you hit the ground you’ll generate almost twice your bodyweight in force through your knees. It’s in an

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Are you allowed to wear headphones while you drive a car or ride a motorbike?

There’s no law that says you are not allowed to wear headphones while driving a car or truck or riding a motorbike. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Driver distraction comes in many forms and one of them

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How to recognise potential forklift accidents

Thousands of forklift incidents happen each year, from minor scrapes to fatalities. To get an idea of how vigilant you need to be when evaluating your yard or warehouse and your operating procedures let’s look at examples of where forklifts

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Signs of bad brakes and when to change them

All brakes have a limited life span due to the extreme conditions under which they operate. They’re essentially small disks of metal responsible for stopping the rotation of wheels connected to 1500kg or more of moving metal. They have to

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Why is the cost of car insurance so expensive?

There are no reliable figures for the overall number of non-injury accidents, but they are factored into our insurance costs.¬†Insurance is expensive for these reasons: Newer vehicles tend to have more complex parts Some parts can’t be repaired or reused

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What’s the best way to keep the inside of your car clean?

It doesn’t take long after you first pick your car up from the dealer for it to start getting grubby in the interior. An assortment of discarded parking tickets, chocolate bar wrappers and plastic water bottles always seem to end

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What health and safety rules should you enforce for truck drivers visiting your workplace?

If you have pedestrian and heavy machinery traffic alongside truck movements in your warehouse or yard, you must have a set of health and safety rules and a site induction to ensure that accidents don’t happen. Truck drivers and pedestrian

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Pothole dangers: should drivers be taught how to avoid potholes?

Potholes are holes in the road surface that are bigger than 7cm in diameter but not more than a metre square in area or more than 5 cm deep. They’re part of a group of definitions for damage to the

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Can you put different sized tyres on your car?

Vehicle tyres have three measurements which are expressed like this: 225/45R17 The first measurement, e.g. 225, is the width of the tyre in millimeters. The second measurement is the sidewall height as a percentage to the overall width (also called

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What is a tunnel?

How long is a tunnel? How long does a tunnel need to be before it’s called a tunnel? For example, when you go under a bridge, is it just a short tunnel? What if the bridge is only a metre

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When should you change gear when driving?

Subaru Impreza WRX STI gear stick

If you drive a car with a manual gearbox you will need to change gear frequently, but there are also times you need to change gear manually when you are using an automatic gearbox. Let’s deal with a manual gearbox

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How to drive safely in a tunnel

While New Zealand has nowhere near the number of prominent road tunnels that some European countries have, we still have significant ones like the Waterview tunnel. Driving in a tunnel tends to be at least as safe as driving on

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How much training should you give your forklift operators?

Whether a forklift operator is brand new or doing a refresher, the theory requirement is exactly the same and can be done online using this forklift course. The practical requirement is different, though. Practical forklift training for new operators Competenz

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