Driving tests

What should cyclists and drivers know?

Cyclists always come off worst in a vehicle vs bicycle accident, so to help cyclists think like a driver and vice versa, let’s have a look at some thought patterns that motorists have that influence how they drive, and thought

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How do cycle lanes work at pedestrian crossings?

More pedestrian crossings are being constructed where a cycle lane also exists. Who has the right of way? There are two scenarios: There’s currently no legislation to define the right of way of cyclists crossing in this manner (it was

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Can you use a cycle lane when turning?

When there’s a cycle lane at a set of lights, you must not wait in it for the light to turn green, and you must not drive in it as you approach the lights (unless you’re riding a bicycle). Motorbikes

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Factors affecting how people travel to work

The European Commission has been spending a lot of money researching how to get people out of cars. Looking at 112 European cities with populations between 100,000-500,000 they investigated how people travel to work. They contend that travelling to work

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