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Heavy vehicle driving tests


Try a random selection of questions for your truck licence which covers all the road code sections. The questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules. Note: selecting the class 2 button below means you won't be asked class 3-5 questions, and vice versa.

Class 2

Heavy vehicles class 2 and above including loads, dimensions, working hours, log books and other rules.

Class 3-5

Specific questions on weights, measurements and trailers for vehicles of class 3-5.


Rules around courteous driving, and dealing with unusual or difficult road conditions.


Basic driving rules for passing, following, giving way, using your lights and more.


Where are you allowed to park, and for how long. Parking restrictions and rules.


Dealing with driving emergencies - skids, mechanical failure, accidents and obstacles.

Road position

Positioning your truck on the road when driving - intersections, unlaned roads, and more.


Reading traffic signals, stop signs and give way signs at various intersections.


Warrant of fitness, registration, carrying passengers and police powers.


Miscellaneous signs including speed limits, road works, hazards and directions.