Logbooks & Work Time: Taxi & SPS Vehicle Drivers

Since the P endorsement training was abandoned, new drivers of small passenger service vehicles, such as taxis, have had to struggle through the complex logbook and work-time rules, constantly running the risk of making an error and getting a fine, demerit points and a driving licence suspension. Even experienced taxi drivers can find the myriad of rules challenging.

This logbook course, designed for drivers of small passenger vehicles, teaches a driver everything they need to know about filling out a logbook and complying with NZTA's work-time regulations, including:

  • work time
  • rest time
  • time extensions and unforeseen delays
  • exempt vehicles and situations
  • logbooks with multiple vehicles
  • offences
  • secondary employment and more

Multiple logbook page examples are given in both the module videos and in the questions accompanying the modules. They encompass every situation a driver is likely to face.

The fatigue module shows a driver how to recognise fatigue, what fatigue does to their driving and how to manage and eliminate fatigue.

This course is delivered via videos followed by questions. The videos consist of live action, animation, images and voiceover. It's engaging and takes less than an hour to complete. A driver can revisit any module in the course for up to six months and, once complete, they can print a certificate to prove they have completed all the modules.

NZ Taxi Federation members can purchase at a preferential price by contacting the NZ Taxi Federation.

Who is this course for?

  • Taxi drivers
  • Uber drivers
  • Drivers of other small passenger vehicles who must keep a logbook.


Computer, tablet or smartphone to take the training

How long does it take?

The total time is around 45-60 minutes to complete the course. There are 24 minutes of video plus between 3-9 questions to answer in each module. Trainees can take each module as many times as necessary until they understand it. Each module takes just a few minutes so can be done in downtime. Once completed, a certificate of achievement can be printed.


This course does not cover heavy vehicle logbooks or specific logbook apps.

This course is not a unit standard course, although it covers all relevant knowledge required in unit standard 24089 for small passenger vehicle drivers.

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Taxi and small passenger service vehicle driver logbooks course
$25.00 + GST per person ($28.75)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 0.75-1 hours


Full access for 6 months

Course provided by DT Driver Training

DT Driver Training is the largest provider of driver theory training in New Zealand with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users.

Training modules

Logbooks and work time

Work your way through the 10 modules. You can do them in any order, but we suggest you start at module 1 (About Logbooks) and end with module 10 (Fatigue)

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