Logbooks & Work Time: Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Do your drivers keep on getting logbook fines and demerit points? It’s frustrating when a driver is disqualified for a month because of simple errors in their logbook, plus it puts your company at risk of fines as well as the driver. This short course, aimed at heavy vehicle drivers, covers everything in the logbook and work time rules that they need to know to fill out their logbook correctly, including:

  • work time
  • rest time
  • time extensions and unforeseen delays
  • exempt vehicles and situations
  • logbooks with multiple vehicles
  • offences
  • secondary employment and more.

It shows multiple examples of how to fill in a logbook page for driving and non-driving days covering all the situations your drivers are likely to face, including a 6-day logbook scenario and 10 other examples.

Plus, your drivers will learn all about fatigue and how to manage it. They will be able to identify what causes fatigue, what are the symptoms of fatigue and how to reduce or eliminate fatigue.

The course is delivered through engaging videos with live action and animation to present the logbook concepts. After each video, there are a number of questions which check the driver's understanding of the material presented. Companies can monitor their drivers' progress and compliance with the course. 

Keep your drivers legal, save and on the road with this convenient online course, available on computer, smartphone or tablet.

What do people say about this course?

"I found the Logbook & Work-time Course for heavy vehicle drivers brilliant.  It was a great refresher course and I enjoyed the format of short video clip followed by a quiz.  The 11 modules were informative and interesting and it didn’t take me long to complete the whole course. I was greeted with scepticism by the drivers when I first broached the idea of theory-based training on a computer.  But after our first driver Mal completed the course he came away full of praise for the way the course was set up."

Tina Mackay, Health and Safety Manager, CLL Service and Solutions

Who is this course for?

Drivers of heavy vehicles who must keep a logbook.

New drivers who need to learn how to keep a logbook.

How does it work?

Each module has a video. The video gives detailed explanations of the concepts about log books and work time. Where we show logbook sheets in the videos we show additional working on the sheet to make them easy to follow along. In the questions, we have the standard minimum information displayed on the logbook sheets so that drivers test their knowledge in a real-world situation (i.e. the sheets contain simply time, location and whether it was work or rest time, as opposed to showing additional working).


Computer, tablet or smartphone to take the training

How long does it take?

The total time is around 60-75 minutes to complete the course. There are 30 minutes of video split over 11 modules plus between 3-9 questions to answer in each module. Trainees can take each module as many times as necessary until they understand it. Each module takes just a few minutes so can be done in downtime. Once completed, a certificate of achievement can be printed.


This course does not cover taxi driver logbooks or specific logbook apps.

This course is not a unit standard course, although it covers all knowledge required in unit standard 24089.

It cannot be used for driver licence courses.

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$36.00 + GST per person ($41.40)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 1-1.25 hours


Full access for 6 months

Course provided by DT Driver Training

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Training modules

Logbooks and work time

Work your way through the 11 modules. You can do them in any order, but we suggest you start at module 1 (About Logbooks) and end with module 11 (Fatigue)

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