Low-speed Manoeuvring and Towing (Cars, Rigid HVs)

Those little dings and dents on your car really do add up when you go to fix them. In this course, you’ll learn simple tips and tricks that you can put into immediate practice to reduce the risk of damaging your vehicle, whether it’s your own pride and joy, or one you drive for work.

We’re going to cover techniques you’ve probably never been taught, techniques that advanced drivers use to avoid clumsy low-speed crashes.

If you’re a driver that dreads backing into a driveway or avoids reversing into a parking space by driving around and around until you find a space you can drive into forwards, we’re going to give you the knowledge and skills to give you the confidence to take on these challenges.

You’ll learn how to parallel park, reverse into a bay park, minimise your blind spots, reverse up a driveway, do 3-point turns, and back around a corner and in a straight line with and without a trailer. We’ll cover the pros and cons of reversing cameras and how to deal with the most hazardous parking situation: the multi-storey car park.

With even simple dent removal and repairs costing hundreds of dollars, you'll find this course will pay for itself many times over.

The average fleet car needs between $1000-2000 of panel repairs in its 3-year life. How much is this costing your company?

Who is this course for?

  • Drivers of company vehicles who get in and out of different vehicles of different sizes
  • Drivers who struggle with spatial awareness when parking and manoeuvring
  • Learner drivers who want to pass their practical test with confidence


  • Computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access
  • Practice techniques in an empty car park

Unit standards

The course material covers theory included in unit standards 3470 and 3471. Completing the course does not constitute a unit standard qualification.

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$32.00 + GST per person ($36.80)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 1.75 hours


Full access for 6 months

Course provided by 2 Drive Safe

Duncan brings 20 years' experience to help teach you how to drive, from the basics through to advanced driving in both cars and motorbikes.

Training modules

Manoeuvring basics

The basic concepts around manoeuvring safely


Parking techniques

Angle parking, bay parking and parallel parking


Reversing around corners

Reversing to the left and right around corners


Advanced reversing and parking

Techniques to use in tricky situations and tight manoeuvres


Reversing a trailer

Reversing a trailer in a straight line and around corners. These concepts are the same for cars and trailers as they are for a heavy vehicle towing a trailer


Rigid trucks

How to manoeuvre a medium and large rigid truck (class 2 and 4) and what to watch out for

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