How would you describe a good driver? How would you describe a good driver?

  • A. A good driver is fast and smooth in the corners

  • B. A good driver knows how to stay alert even while driving tired

  • C. A good driver anticipates what other drivers are going to do and is aware of what's going on around them

  • D. A good driver knows how to work around distractions like a cellphone, the radio and eating in the car

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. A good driver is well aware of what is happening around the vehicle and is able to predict what other drivers will do and build in a safety buffer to prevent accidents. Becoming a good driver takes practice and instruction from other good drivers such as a driving instructor.

What makes a good driver?

A good driver is respectful of other drivers, always aware of their surroundings, drives within the law and anticipates danger that could be caused by other drivers, other road users and the environment (e.g. the weather). 

You won't be a good driver straight away. The best way to become a good driver is to get lessons from a driving instructor. 

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