What does a reflectorised triangle placed on the side of the road mean? What does a reflectorised triangle placed on the side of the road mean?

  • A. There's a breakdown or crash ahead

  • B. There are roadworks ahead

  • C. There's a special event ahead

  • D. There's a one-way bridge ahead and you don't have the right of way

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. It will have been carried by the vehicle that has broken down or had an accident, or be from a vehicle assisting

What is a warning triangle?

A warning triangle is an equilateral (equal-sided) triangle of around 600mm in size made of red reflective material. It can be put on the side of the road by anyone to warn other drivers of a breakdown or crash ahead.

This photo shows an example of a warning triangle with the red reflective triangle supplemented by an orange interior triangle for greater visibility during the day.

reflectorised warning triangle

Warning triangles should be placed approximately 200m before an accident on either side of the accident to warn other drivers. Place them on the side of the road where they are visible to motorists.

Some vehicles come with warning triangles as part of their emergency kit - usually imported European cars. It is not compulsory to carry a warning triangle in New Zealand unlike countries such as Austria, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.

This is one option for how a warning triangle is stored in the back of a BMW.

warning triangle in case

Police will use ACCIDENT signs to warn of an accident.

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